It takes a lot to be mentioned amongst the worlds best in any sport, and the last couple of seasons Belgian International Eden Hazard has been flirting with the prospect of moving up with the elite.

The Chelsea winger has been a revelation for the Blues and it is the season of 2014/15 where he has really stepped up under Jose Mourinho to become one of the very best in the world. It is safe to say now that he can be mentioned in the same breath as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi as one of the special talents, one that has that extra gift, that something else. He is now the complete player.

Hazard has always been there or there about’s, but without really fully utilising his talents but at the same time always being an insane player. But now this season he has proved to be an insane world class player, he’s proved to the world that he is one of the global best.

When Jose Mourinho joined Chelsea he went public in stating that he wanted to see more from Hazard and wanted him to work harder for the team. It was a move that was considered risky with pundits and fans alike concerned with how it would affect the player. It has transpired that it has only had a positive affect on the tricky winger and he has responded by taking the criticism on board and working on that side of his game. He now has a tremendous work rate and is excellent at tracking back. A side of his game that he never had before, he is now good at.

This season Hazard has been by far the outstanding shining light for Chelsea, he is the man who makes it happen, the one who carries the counter attacks at pace, the one to beat the players and make something out of nothing. He is simply like watching a magician, doing things with the ball that you never thought was possible, making it disappear and move with such pace that if you blink you miss it.

Watching Chelsea in the latter end of the season has been rather frustrating at times when they lack imagination and creativity, but Hazard has been a breath of fresh air at these times. He’s been carrying a fatigued Chelsea at times and being the one pulling them on, still running, still beating players, carrying the ball up field and being a general menace.

His game has turned in to all round excellence, he has transitioned into one of the top three football players in the world. In a day and age where the term ‘world class’ is over used, this season Eden Hazard has become world class with no doubt at all. At the ripe age of 24-years old, he still has two or three years to get even better and peak, which is a frightening prospect for opponents but hugely exciting for supporters and football lovers. We could see one of the best ever.

Eden Hazard – we salute you!

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