Come on, admit it, you smiled. The moment that ball pulled back across the box and there stood an advancing midfielder, unmarked and ready to knock it in, you already knew the outcome. Actually, what am I saying? The moment he started warming up on the touchline you knew the outcome. Wait, wait, wait. Let’s be frank: As soon as he moved from City to City, you knew the outcome. So instead of disappointment or anger or despair, you just smiled. Touché, Monsieur Lampard, touché.

We can’t blame Frank for leaving either: a new, younger, leaner midfield was getting more and more crowded at Chelsea, and with Fabregas signed up, any first team football Frank was likely to see would be sporadic and probably a bit too Capital One–ish for his liking. Who wouldn’t want to hit NYC and rake in a last couple of years on 150k a week? He won’t be paid that for punditry, that’s for sure. Did he have to accept the invitation to fly over to Manchester and join our title rivals? Probably not, but then again, what better way to say goodbye? Parting is, after all, such sweet sorrow. Moue.

So it comes round and bites us in the ass. Like all good plots. Shakespeare would have liked it, and Dickens. Although Dickens would probably want us to learn something from the experience, which obviously we won’t. The only positive is that Frank has now scored against a record 39 Premiership clubs, and he could add to that if he gets a chance against QPR and Burnley. Come on Pellegrini, do the right thing, for Shakespeare!

Anyway, it doesn’t matter to us since we’re going to cruise this season. It’s going to be like being on the continent for a change, and I’m not talking daytime red light districts and motorway tolls (hey, idea for a business… no wait, that won’t work), I’m talking a place where teams like Barcelona walk the season by 15 points, or Bayern has it sewn up by April.

Spoiler Alert! Just in case you’re likely to miss the rest of the season, here it is in a nutshell: Liverpool and City will exhaust themselves reaching the quarter finals in Europe, Arsenal will have an untimely injury and fade, United won’t have any consistency but will clinch their Europa place on the last day of the season, and Spurs will win the FA Cup. We’ll win the league with 100 pts, and, of course, the Champions League. And Frankie will be cheering us on at the final.

Good to see you again Frankie!

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