As much as I love the Drog, am I the only one tired of his press pronouncements? It would be alright if he was performing on the pitch but whilst his displays have been workmanlike; his body language says it all.

For some fans, the final straw was how he felt disgusted at taking Roman’s so-called filthy lucre and leaving his beloved Marseille to join the Blues. You have to have some ego to be disgusted at earning £100,000 a week – players will crash their Range Rovers for half as much (copyright Ashley Cole). If Drogba felt ‘disgusted’ why did he leave Marseille in the first place? No one forced him to.

More to the point, Marseille’s record is hardly glowing since he left – two appearances in the UEFA Cup (one early exit, one last sixteen) whilst domestically last season the Club finished 17 points behind Olympique Lyonnais and for the second year running lost the French Cup Final.

With the Blues, however, Drogba has won two Premiership’s, two Carling Cups, an FA Cup, a Community Shield and appeared in two Champions League semi-finals. Throw in £100 grand a week and the adulation of being the Premiership’s leading hit man; you’ve got to wonder what Drog’s been eating. More ego anyone?

Don’t get me wrong. I love Drogba and the way he stuck out a fairly torrid first season (when he looked like a carthorse with a terrible first touch) yet subsequently emerged as the best striker in the world deserves respect. The man’s passionate, hard working and it’s obvious to anyone in the Matthew Harding Upper that our team is far, far poorer without him. Drogba is quite simply an immense presence and a brilliant player.

The question now on everyone’s lips is what should the Club do if Real Madrid follow-up their offer of £30 million next summer? With Drogba also out for next pre-season at the Beijing Olympics for the Ivory Coast, the big question is should we cash in on him? This is made even more intriguing because he’ll also turn 30 in March.

Those in favour of selling him cite the fact that since Mourinho’s departure, Drogba’s heart has left the Club. His body language confirms this and despite the odd moment of brilliance such as Valencia away, he looks like he’d rather be elsewhere. That was certainly the case at the recent launch of his anti-racist song ‘Skin’ where he failed to turn up, perhaps or perhaps not at the Club’s instigation. His continual pronouncements in the press also hardly endear him to the fans and perhaps we should draw time on his Chelsea career and sell him to a team in either Spain or Italy. Good luck with the anti-racism campaign because you’re going to need it in Bari or Sevilla, believe me.

Those in favour of keeping him point to the fact that many players have had a change of heart. Time heals after all and Didier’s not the only person to be gutted by Mourinho’s departure. Yes, Drogba could be a huge force for years to come and is definitely worth giving an improved contract to. After all, Zola was 30 when he came to the Bridge and his best days ever were aged 30 to 35.

What to do? The bottom line is that if he wants to go, then he needs to go, simple as that. All I’d ask is that if he does go he leaves with good grace and realises that we gave him as much as he gave us. It was mutual success, not one-sided. He also needs to realise that a big money transfer to either Real Madrid or AC Milan might not be the dream move he expects, just ask Andriy Shevchenko.

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