Remembering Richard Attenborough
Remembering Richard Attenborough

For over 110 years, generations after generations have supported the team you’re supporting today. Now, they are worth £898 million, but their tumultuous history played a big part in bringing the club in the top 10 most valuable football clubs in the world. It’s hard to find an exact reason why that happened. By all means, it was a bit of everything. But some things weigh more than others.

  1. Picking out the best managers

A great team does nothing without a great leader. Someone who knows the drill, who isn’t afraid of losing, but moreover, who isn’t afraid of winning either. Because, all in all, once you win one game, one European tournament, one worldwide championship, you must rule by those standards. A small defeat after a big win can make wonders in terms of setback. Dave Sexton, Carlo Ancelotti, Roberto Di Matteo and José Mourinho knew how not to settle for failures. Actually, José Mourinho will have to prove it one more time, during the 2015-2016 Premier League.

  1. Breaking down some records

Years and years of performances and hard work cannot be narrowed down to numbers and statistics, but there are a few figures that illustrate that Chelsea is the definition of “football”. Chelsea’s members were the first English football players that travelled by plane to an away-from-home match, back in the 1957. Since then, they were also the first who: scored 100 goals in a single Premier League season; won the 2012 UEFA Championship, and took home all three European trophies (2011-2012 Champions League, 1970-1971 European Cup, 2012-2013 Europa league).

  1. Creating legends
John Terry and Frank Lampard
John Terry and Frank Lampard

As part of an internationally active team, Chelsea’s members are responsible with keeping the bar up high, and becoming better, with each goal. With each game. Eden Hazard, John Terry, Frank Lampard, Gianfranco Zola made quite a name not only for themselves, but for the team as an entirety. In the long run, these natural-born talents that can prove us all that playing football is not plain sailing. But keep in mind that before placing a foolish bet on a certain player, his experience and techniques are to be considered, though.

  1. Staying interesting

During the 97-98 seasons, the team played a match on a field situated 100 miles into the Arctic Circle. Bryan Adams dedicated the “We’re gonna win” song to the club, since he was a real fan. And Stamford The Lion watches over the first British team to wear shirt numbers.

  1. Seeing mistakes as challenges

Even though they gave it their best and tried to repeat the outstanding 2005 League Cup, in the 2005-06 episode, Chelsea fell short in front of Liverpool. A penalty shootout in the Finals helps no one. Recently, on the 16th of August 2015, Chelsea got beaten up by Manchester City with a heartbroken 3-0 outcome in the Premier League. Nonetheless, the game is not over yet. So, we expect them to be quickly up and about, and bring that title home. As they should.

Does The Chelsea club deserve to be in the top 10 most valuable football teams? Well, they must prove us right during this Premier League season.

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