Club Shed is a community of Chelsea fans which expands on the aims of the original “Return to the Shed” campaign.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a season ticket holder, member or occasional fan.  It also doesn’t matter which part of the ground you normally sit in – we want everyone taking part.  The aims are to get behind the team, sit and/or meet with like minded fellow fans and to enjoy your day out at the match a bit more

We have a Club Shed forum where anyone can participate in a wide range of topics.  It’s free to join but you have to register on to be able to post. The link to the Club shed forum appears in the “useful links” section below.

The guys organising initiatives like Club Shed, Shed 100, Return to the Shed, banner campaigns, awaydays and the like are just like you – ordinary supporters wanting to make a difference.  We have a committee which is made up from the major CFC supporters groups represented on the Fans Forum and we publish all our articles on these fan-run sites.

The committee meets regularly with senior officials at the club with a single aim – to continue to boost the atmosphere when following Chelsea FC. Most if not all of the atmosphere-related articles you now see on the Official Chelsea FC website emanate from this committee.

We don’t claim to represent or speak for any single body, other than fellow fans who, like us, would rather walk the walk instead of just moaning about atmosphere.

You have received this newsletter as you’ve either asked to subcribe to it or been part of the atmosphere discussions on the forum.  You may have had it forwarded on by a fellow Chelsea Fan.  If so, and you’d like to subscribe yourself, send an email to [email protected] with a subject header “Subscribe”.


We’ve been scuppered by a combination of the FA Cup and TV schedules. We were going to go in again for the Derby match.  However, if we get past Huddersfield, the FA Cup 6th round would be played on 8/9 March, meaning the match having to be rescheduled.

The first alternative was Middlesbrough at the end of March.  Sadly, Setanta has chosen this game for TV, meaning ko is currently set for Monday March 31st.  Or rather it won’t be, not if Chelsea get past Olympiakos in the Champions League, as any potential Quarter Final 1st leg would be played later that week.  This would mean the game reverting back to either Saturday or Sunday, with ko time unknown too.  Impossible to market for and ask people to sign up weeks in advance.

So…  We’ve decided to go in again come what may for the Wigan match on Sat 12 April, currently a 3pm kick off.  The Shed 100 will run for this REGARDLESS, even if the kick off date/time is changed for TV.

 A separate email + online publicity will be circulated shortly to gather numbers.  Let’s make sure we get maximum take up – it’s a great day out.


We have 5 great banners to compliment the existing ones on display from other fans, but we rarely get to display more than two because we don’t yet have the volunteers to put them up and take them down.

All we are looking for is a number of regular Shed Upper fans (preferably Season ticket holders) to pick up the banners from the So Bar, put them up just before kick off and return them immediately after the match. A few minutes effort, that’s all is required and if we get a number of volunteers, you’d just have to do it a few times a season.

Thanks to Big Bob, Paul Eden and others for doing what they can so far. If you feel you can help, please reply asap.  Paul would be happy to  coordinate this once we get a few takers.


Thanks to a magnificent gesture from a fellow fan, we are shortly to have two banners appearing in the Matthew Harding End.  They will read

“Matthew Harding’s Blue and White Army”, and “Chelsea Our Religion”

A small blue union flag with “Chelsea FC” on it will accompany them.

Same issue though.  We currently have one volunteer happy to put them up/take them down (thanks Dazz), but he needs help.  Banners would be stored in the So Bar right outside the Britannia Entrance.

So, if you are a MH Upper ST holder and feel you can help, please reply asap and we’ll put you in touch with Dazz & Paul.


You may be aware that the various major Chelsea fans groups have been lobbying hard for the Club to recognise that there aren’t enough youngsters in the Ground.  The gap from going in the family section with your parents as a kid to being a full-blown grown up fan is huge.  It’s no wonder that Chelsea currently has the smallest percentage of younger fans (13-24 age group) in the premiership.

In an attempt to remedy this, CFCnet, CSG and cfcuk have got together and are backing an initiative from a young fellow fan, Tom Allen.  These articles explain its aims –

You will see a reference to the East Upper.  This is NOT set in stone. What we are really after is for younger fans to once again feel a sense of belonging, to be given a chance to attend matches on a regular basis at affordable prices and to really help the atmosphere along.  For this, we obviously need the Club’s help and so the Fans Forum reps will be raising this at the upcoming meeting.

If you like the aims of this initiative and are either a young fan yourself or know someone who would like to take part, please contact Tom at [email protected] and register your interest.


 As you know, Shed Enders have to relocate for most domestic cup ties. We’ve tried the East Upper (Shed side) for a few matches now and the feedback so far has been mixed.  Please have your say on this and let us know what you think of this initiative and what could be done to improve things next season.  Reply to this email if you have any views.


This was always an aim of ours.  Too often things done behind closed doors remain private.  For all but the most confidential of topics related to atmosphere, this is not right.  We’ve been pressing for a supporters page on the Official Website where we could publish our minutes, documents and newsletters, together with achieving better
publicity for all our initiatives.  This has been agreed by the club but is taking forever to implement.

We’ll let you know when the page is finally available so that we can get the exposure this deserves and swell the numbers.  Once we do that, we will have a better chance of achieving our objectives.


 It’s an ongoing gripe that we don’t have enough songs for our players. I’d like to nominate Juliano Belletti for special attention from Club Shed members.  Why?  Just love the fella and the swagger in which he plays. Read on…


If you’ve got a favourite who is deserving of a song, then let us know and we’ll publicise the good ones.


 RTTS main site (waiting for the Club shed page on the Official website)

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