I have been motivated to do a quick bit of research off the back of Chelsea’s new media slaughtering, regarding the players surrounding the referee in an attempt to get Zlatan Ibrahimovic sent off on Wednesday evening in the Champions League. You won’t be surprised that it took me only 60 seconds to find the below three pictures and there’s been so many more.

Below, SIX Aston Villa players do the same even though their captain is trying to keep the rest away, this is still rule breaking according to the book. Did anyone mention this after the game? No.

ref 1

The media seem to look for any opportunities to criticise Chelsea and this latest storm has caused various pundits and ex players to join the bandwagon, which is hugely hypocritical of them due to ALL of them at least once doing the same thing in their careers.

Crystal Palace players aggressively running up to the referee here in a way that has made him back away and feel threatened. They look like they are about to rip his head off, how is that allowed? Did it get talked about? No.

Ref 2

The fact that Zlatan described it as ‘having eleven babies surrounding him’ has added fuel to the fire, but in retrospective this is a normal every day occurrence in football. Not even modern football, it’s been going on for years. If you look at PSG matches recently, they’ve done exactly the same thing. In fact, news just in, check out this big baby below…. pot kettle black Mr Ibra…


If you really want to stop this being part of football then you must target the rules. The fact of the matter is the captain and ONLY the captain is allowed to contest or question decisions. If you want that rule to stick, then it must be implemented by the FA and it’s referee’s, it’s as simple as that.

There has been many scenes like this recently from Arsenal, here is another below. Did we hear about it? You know the answer by now.

ref 3

I don’t agree with it and I hate seeing it, but every club does it and influencing the referee’s decisions throughout the game is just part of it. It’s actually a tactic that coaches encourage you to use as once revealed by Gary Neville. It’s a psychological thing that allows the referee to sway towards you the more hard done by he may think you’ve been. Like I’ve said, there’s only one way to stop it, FA?

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