The person who said this is now Chelsea’s new manager.

“We don’t need to give away stupid plastic flags to our fans to wave, our supporters are always there with their hearts and that is all we need. It’s the passion of the fans that helps us to win matches, not flags.”

I’m gutted… 6 months ago Chelsea gave me the happiest day of my life. Today is one of the most disappointing.

I love my club with a passion. To the detriment of my working life, personal life and even to my family at times. I will always support my club but I will never support Chelsea’s new manager. I will not look at him or listen to him regardless if he is successful or not. I will always hate him. I also feel let down by the people who appointed him. In my mind he can never represent my club and he should never wear our badge.

The board and current manager are no longer representative of my club.

You may feel different. I will never feel different.

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