The fact that this article even needs to be written is ridiculous. Only at Chelsea could a manager be in charge for about a year and a half, win the Premier League, win the FA Cup, be 2 points off of the top of the table AND supposedly be close to be sacked from his role.

The fact that the press write about this is not surprising but what is shocking is the fact that some Chelsea fans are buying into this. I say ‘shocking’, but I mean that in the more modern way – not surprising, but shameful. It, unfortunately, isn’t that surprising at all. Football is an extremely fickle sport at this level, and Chelsea have typified this over the last decade.

The fact is that none of the sackings from the past 10 years at this club were justified. I say that is hindsight because I was pleased to see the back of Luiz Felipe Scolari at the time. The sacking of Carlo Ancelotti, as well as being the most ludicrous, would be the biggest shame of the lot.

The reasons that some Chelsea fans want to see Ancelotti sacked? It’s hard to say for me, because I find the situation so bizarre, but I would guess that it’s because of the last 6 Premier League games – I don’t think there were any complaints before the Liverpool game. Admittedly, 5 points from 6 Premier League games is not the standard that we’re used to at Chelsea and it’s not good enough.

It’s easy to make excuses for this – the sacking of Ray Wilkins, the form of Drogba, the absences of Lampard, Terry and Essien (to name a few), and, of course, the unprecedented pressure on Ancelotti that would be not nearly as intense at any other club in the country – but we don’t even need to. It’s a blip; they happen. From Chelsea’s 13 Premier League fixtures that were also played last season (so excluding the Blackpool and Newcastle matches), Chelsea have received 23 points. The number of points from the corresponding fixtures from last season? 22 points.

This season was always going to be a difficult one in the Premier League because the squad is so small. It was inevitable that, when a couple of important players picked up injuries and suspensions, it was going to be a struggle. Personally, at the beginning of this season I didn’t expect Chelsea to win the Premier League – though out early performances changed my mind. The Champions League and, again, the FA Cup were always going to be the more likely trophies with such a bare squad, yet such a good first-11.

What about the youth adding to the squad? The younger players cannot be expected to replace players like Ballack, Deco and Joe Cole yet. Ancelotti is aware of this and is easing them into action. He knows that, at a club like Chelsea, if you struggle then the pressure really mounts. He does not want this for his young, promising players. Ancelotti could have sold his older players and started with a side with a much younger average age but this would be so much better in fantasy than reality. Look into the form and average age of Crystal Palace, in the Championship, this season.

The sacking of Ancelotti would be a travesty. The inevitable consequences: we’ll get another Hiddink to take over for the rest of the season. He’ll do really well because he’ll know it’s only until the end of the season and then the supporters won’t want him to leave. We’ll get a new manager, he’ll do well for a while then suffer a blip in form. Obviously he’ll have to be sacked and the process will repeat itself. Result: no progress.

Alternative: keep Ancelotti for as long as he’ll stay and give him unwavering support. Result: Chelsea could be as successful as Ferguson’s Manchester United and would no longer be a mockery for the sides with more history and manger-loyalty.

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