Matthew Harding Lower fans show their support
Matthew Harding Lower fans show their support

When the 2014/2015 Barclays English Premier League commenced, Chelsea began with a fiery squad that shone in all stadiums they went to, quickly gathering points. However, Newcastle was to become their first downfall in the Premier League followed by a couple of draws and another loss at the hands of Tottenham Hotspur. While the Blues have recovered remarkably from each of their two league defeats, it has become clear just how tactical and demanding the games are. Many pundits and analysts now point out accuracy as being the key to winning, as opponents squeeze Chelsea for all they’re worth. The recent elimination from the FA Cup at the hand of League Two side Bradford City has only emphasised this point, although a number of reasons can be placed on the league leader’s contrasting performances. This current dip in form has caused betting sites in Australia to reassess their odds across as they try to stay competitive without giving too much away.

Injuries for players most depended upon to win matches
Although injuries are not something new for Premier League teams, players and managers, their impact on overall performances cannot be overlooked. Chelsea may not have been not afflicted with the high number of injuries like some other league teams have, but they have had to play a few games without some of their best players. The midfield maestro Nemanja Matic, who was their main holding midfielder at the start of the season, has not been at his best after suffering a couple of knocks and injuries. Reports from ESPN indicate that Chelsea lose more matches when they don’t have the services of Matic although there are many other prolific midfielders who can slot straight into the team in his absence.
It seems that the training plans have to be quickly altered when one player is injured in order to accommodate the style of his replacement. Players have different brilliances that are unique to their styles of play. Speed, positioning, agility and eluding defenders, passing accuracy and awareness all vary across different players and teams. Players like; legendary captain Terry, Drogba, Fabregas and Diego Costa have also had their time on the sidelines with injuries over the first half of the season. In their latest performance, an aggregate victory to knock out Liverpool from the Carling Cup, the team lost three more players (Fabregas, Ivanovic and Luis) to injuries.

Passing accuracy and defence tricks – Key to winning against the Blues
Led by the frequently controversial coach Jose Mourinho, Chelsea have become known for their defensive style of play. While their overall defensive performance is not as fantastic as it once was when they lifted successive titles, or as nice to look at, they are still the best in the league. However, Chelsea have been conceding goals in other competitions and analysts have found out how other teams have done it. Going by the performances where Mourinho’s squad lost to Newcastle, Tottenham and Bradford, the opponents attacked swiftly through quick accurate passes that were met with accurate finishes. Nonetheless, the team has a high-quality attack that consists of Eden Hazard, Diego Costa, Oscar and Drogba, with support from midfield players like Fabregas and Ramires. They can overturn the scores at any time of the match and take maximum points.

With the ongoing inconsistent performances, Chelsea may hold onto the Premier League but risk losing out on other championships. Accuracy was the key quality that Tottenham and Bradford used to squeeze the life out off Chelsea players and take wins from Stamford Bridge, and others may try to exploit this tactic. All in all, the team is dynamic and has quality players led by a witty and tactical manager, who can cause disappointments at any foreign grounds he visits with his squad.

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