A season that appeared to offer so much is slowly turning into one big headache. It seems like a lifetime ago that I was last able to walk through the office without receiving a barrage of abuse. Going into Sunday’s game against Utd my initial thoughts were that we were on a hiding to nothing but as the game drew nearer my heart started to rule my head and I was suddenly filled with a sense of optimism. How stupid I was.

You see, deep down I think we all knew that we were unlikely to witness a performance that would make us proud. In times gone by we would have had a little blip but come back all the stronger for it. This team however is very different. They don’t seem to have the passion or desire to fight when it’s really needed and as the games roll us by my confidence in the manager is virtually non existent. It appears this is a view shared by the players as well.

I can clearly see that the acquisition of Robinho would have had a big impact and you can’t blame Luis Felipe Scolari for our failure to sign him or the lack of funds to implement a suitable plan B. However, this squad is a selection of the best the world has to offer and these so called over paid ageing talents were more than capable of high quality performances just nine months ago. For me, Luis Felipe Scolari is out of his depth big time and well the players know it. We don’t know what is going on behind the scenes, and we never do really find about these details but all I know is that things have to change. I think Chelsea have made a massive mistake, and they know it but they also know that realistically we cannot do a great deal about it at the moment.

I think we should probably allow things to run their course until the summer and I just pray to god it at least secures us a top 4 spot. It then has to change. The players to go have to be Deco, Ballack, Kalou, Malouda and Drogba. Providing Ricky wants to stay I’d also cash in on either Alex or Ivanovic, replacing the departing individual with the young Michael Mancienne. In the same taxi I’d reserve seats for Scolari and Ray Wilkins. Management replacements without a shadow would be Zola and Steve Clarke. Regardless to the lack of experience these two are Chelsea and you just have to look at Barcelona and Guardiola this season to see that managers don’t have to arrive with years of experience or a long list of honours to succeed. I’d give Anelka another season and use the funds from the sale of Drogba and Kalou to bring in Kenwyn Jones from Sunderland and another young striker with energy and pace. Sinclair would be given a crack and we’d bring in another winger, again young, full of pace and hungry to succeed.

The one big, big investment would be the replacement of Deco and Ballack and I believe this should be in the mould of Diego from Werder Bremen. This is a young, dynamic, highly talented play maker who may cost us a fair few million but will give us that imagination and excitement we so badly need. Ensuring the contract issues surrounding Joe Cole are resolved should also be a priority.

We should establish that the season is one of transition and assure Zola and Clarke that they not only have the luxury of time on their side but also given the backing should any player start to cause disruption. I honestly believe this is the way forward and will be the start of Chelsea rediscovering its roots whilst realigning the pay structure a little closer to that of reality.

What the heck, while we’re at it lets get Di Matteo in as coach and give Carlton Cole a squad number, or is that getting a bit too carried away?

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