Many people like to have a bet on the races, the winning team of a football match or even the first to cross the finish line of a bike race like Moto GP. However, now we have the ability to bet on virtual sports and win a bit of cash that way. But what exactly is virtual betting?

On many sports sites you will now find an area for virtual sports betting. This is where computer generated races, matches or games are shown and a member of the site can place a real cash bet on the outcome. From dog racing to virtual darts matches, just about any game you can think of can now be watched online and is available to have a punt on. This is great for the quiet days when there aren’t many sporting events taking place, it allows you to play whenever suits you best and many are even available as an application downloaded onto your mobile phone.

Recently sport social networking site BGO has launched their very own virtual sports betting area. The cycle races are three laps long, fast-paced and have all the excitement of a real race. Choose from nine cyclists, all highly skilled to pick your winner!

BGO’s Fritton Lawn Tennis Club allows you to bet on the overall winner, the score from each game or even the total number of points scored throughout the entire match. The matches played show close ups of skilled tennis playing including backhanders, rallies and Aces scored!

To place a bet on the BGO site, as with many others, a member will need to open an account just the same as with any online gambling site. Once a bet is placed, the money is then taken from your account and the winnings will arrive back into your account by the close of the game, race or match. The site is soon to expand the number of virtual sports on offer so there’ll be something to please all.

BGO allow you to make as many bets as you wish and will show the odds on the screen once you have chosen your stake. Keep a track of your current bets with the Open Bets section on the screen.

When the race you have placed a bet on is being run, there will be a green light to alert you to that specific race. The winner of all races and matches will be randomly picked from a numbers generator that has been tested by independent testing houses.

BGO is also available to download onto your mobile device, which means no matter where you are, you can keep an eye on your bets and hopefully count up your winnings too!

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