Dear Mr. Kenyon,

Excuse me if this letter is not really your field of competence within Chelsea football club, but to the ordinary fan it is difficult to make heads or tails of who is really in charge at Chelsea.

I am a Maltese supporter since 1966, since the day Chelsea went top of the league in September of that year. So even though I was seven years of age, you could accuse me of jumping on the bandwagon.

I am proud of the fact that I have actually stayed on the bandwagon since that fateful day, through thick and very long periods of thin. A Chelsea home game, which I take in about four to five times a year is a 2500 mile round trip. I won’t mention the costs but just to give you an idea, an airfare costs in the region of £200 and a three star hotel in London (not that I imagine you use them) costs around £100 a night.

But even when we were in the depths of the early eighties, a trip to watch Chelsea was the highlight of my year. We were rubbish but then I never expected anything else.

Nowadays with this squad of players, I have to say, I do rather expect a bit more. I also have to admit that for the three seasons prior to this I got more than I ever dreamt possible. I was there for the Chelsea – Barca match three years ago, I was there for the Chelsea – Spurs tie last year. I was there for games against Villa, Boro, Wigan, Porto, Reading and many more. We did not always play brilliantly but watching Chelsea live is such an experience for me that what regulars with easy access to the Bridge might consider a drab game was still an enjoyable experience for me and my two Chelsea mad kids.

Not so anymore I’m afraid. This is the most boring, clueless Chelsea side I have ever seen. And to think that this bunch of players won five major trophies in the three previous seasons, not to mention getting to two semi-finals of the Champions League.

I do confess that my knowledge of football is very far removed from yours. So please enlighten me as to how a group of players who last year won two major trophies, challenged for the league till practically the end despite being plagued by injuries all season and only lost a semi-final in the Champions League on penalties can possibly be so boring and embarrassing to watch as has been the case for the past few weeks.

I profess total ignorance in all matters football but while I prostrate myself before your immense knowledge of the game, comforted by the knowledge that you, like myself are a lifelong Chelsea fan and have nothing but the best interests of the club at heart, may I humbly suggest that last September Chelsea Football Club sacked the best manager ever to ply his trade in the Premiership to replace him with a complete buffoon.

Should managerial appointments not be within the area of competence of the Chief Executive of Chelsea Football Club could you please forward this email to Mr. Abramovich, Mr. Buck, Mr. Tenenbaum, Mr. Zahavi, Mr. Arnesen or indeed even the tea lady.

Why the tea lady you might ask? Because only a tea lady having a bad day would ever think of replacing Jose’ Mourinho with Avram Grant.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Micallef
A Chelsea fan of 42 years who hasn’t got a clue about football

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