After viewing the video, I can reveal that I agree with Tom Clee, although 3-5-2 wasn’t the original idea, the first half drubbing at Arsenal prompted the change.

It’s clear that the former forgotten man Moses is fitting into the new “three at the back” with the ever improving Alonso. Their imperious wing play appears to have freed up Eden Hazard, who looks full of confidence.

The inclusion of Kante as defensive midfielder was a no brainer but I certainly didn’t realise what a fantastic, energetic player he is.

Meanwhile Fabregas must be chomping at the bit to get another opportunity, but he was a player who I expected to see play under Conte at every opportunity. However his non-inclusion is another good piece of business Conte has done on the pitch.

Luis seems to be taking his new responsibility seriously and Conte’s management style seems to suit everyone, with the exception of Costa who doesn’t like receiving instructions from the touch line.

In short, there’s still work to be done, but the early indications are that improvements have been made to morale and Conte has the ability to change to a plan B when required and not force his team to play out of position just to get his point across. He prefers to play to his players strength, which has to be to the benefit of all concerned.

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