CFCnet is relieved.  No, not because we’ve just scored 9 goals and conceded zero in our last two games, but because we’ve seen some great support for Carlo Ancelotti and the team.

This is a difficult time for our beloved Blues.  As the Mourinho era slowly fades into the far distance and the remnants of his legendary team edge ever nearer the door, the need for rebuilding is obvious.  However, this takes time as it unquestionably did between 2004-2007 for Man Utd and 2004-2011 for Arsenal.

For CFCnet, the question is this:  are our fans truly loyal to the Club and willing to wait patiently for further success?  Or are we, particularly the newcomers, glory hunters ready to boo the moment Mikel misdirects a pass or Kalou shoots into Row Z in the MHU?

Thankfully, the vote is in.  Chelsea fans, like we’ve always been, are loyal to the cause and are willing to support the team through thick and thin.  Witness the recent sell-out crowds (as opposed to Liverpool who had a shocking 10,000 empty seats for their recent home tie against Bolton) and the fans’ vocal support for Ancelotti during and after recent games.  It says it all.

The only blot we’ve noticed over the past ten days was a banner outside the Cobham training ground with the words, “Ancelotti and Abramovich out” alongside “None of you are fit to wear the shirt.” 

Which shirt was that we wondered?  The 1983 shirt when we were one game from going down to the old third division or the 2011 shirt when we won the Double with the most successful team in our history? According to this banner it was the latter. Hmmm.

On closer inspection CFCnet is of the strong opinion that the Cobham banner wasn’t produced by anyone remotely related to the fan base of our Club.  Instead we feel that it was purposely written by an outside influence pretending to be one of our number.  It’s a classic tactic, famously used during the Reichstag fire in 1933, whereby an agent provocateur pretends to belong to the enemy side in a bid to ‘divide and conquer’.

Fleet Street, in particular, has ‘previous’ when it comes to this sort of tactic.  In one of the greatest football books ever written, All Played Out: The Full Story of Italia ’90, author Pete Davies recounts how England fans were paid £200 by journalists to throw bricks through shop windows in Cagliari. 

What makes us suspicious about the Cobham banner was that no fan in their right mind could take a swipe at Abramovich after he’s delivered us 3 league titles, 3 FA Cups, 2 Carling Cups and a Champions League Final.

But what really piques our curiosity is that the banner appeared on Friday, the day that all the journalists and photographers were out in force for their weekly Cobham pre-match press conference. 

How could anyone be so stupid as to criticise Abramovich whilst at the same time be so smart as to hoist the banner when all the Fleet Street photographers would be walking by?

Unless, of course, the banner was written and hoisted aloft by a Fleet Street rag looking for a cheap story about how disaffected the fans were (or a jealous Gooner or Spurs fan looking to stir up trouble).

For us, with our eyes and ears close to our fan base and fellow supporters groups, we’re 100% sure that the banner was indeed a ‘false flag’ stunt intentionally designed to destabilise our Club.  The fact that nobody dared claim responsibility for the banner makes us even more certain this was the case.

Let it be known, that none of the Chelsea fans groups we know, including ourselves, would never, ever show this kind of disloyalty.  If it happens again, question its origins before believing the following days’ tainted newspaper reports about ‘disaffected fans’ – it’s simply not true.

To conclude, if you’d like to see a banner made by real Chelsea fans, take a look at the new one above:

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