The best left back in the world has today been forced to state what he really feels about the English Football Association and I know for a fact that thousands of people within the game, feel the same.

Unfortunately for Cole, there will be replications over his comments due to who he is and who he plays for. The comments were in reply to the FA choosing to release the details and evidence of the John Terry trial. In the heat of the moment Cole had stated on his Twitter account ‘hahahaaa well done fa, i lied did #BUNCHOFTWATS’. Although we are entitled to our own opinions and freedom of speech in this country, I am sure that the inadequate corrupt FA will now punish Cole with a fine and a ban. Get ready to step up Mr Ryan Bertrand!

The whole situation was a complete farce in the first place, John Terry was cleared of any charges by the English court of law, but that did not stop the attention seeking FA taking out there own investigation to find John Terry guilty of using offensive language, making a mockery of the English law system.

Ashley Cole had provided evidence in defence of John Terry but had not been called upon for evidence during the FA’s mickey mouse enquiry. Anton Ferdinand has escaped any punishment by the FA even though he too had admitted to using offensive language towards John Terry. Astonishing right? Well not really, the FA have been a corrupt force for some time now and things really aren’t about to improve unfortunately, they have a Manchester United Executive on the FA Board for christ sake!

Growing frustration over the whole situation has finally surfaced from Ashley Cole, who I am sure will escape any club punishment, but you can understand his anger and his wanting to vent his frustration, although perhaps Twitter isn’t the right place to do so, but he is a man who always speaks his word and says what he thinks, I personally admire that.

As supporters we will stand by Cole and at this rate our English representatives in the national squad are dropping by the minute, all because of the FA’s incompetence and biased ways. They will regret their errors when the shambles of an England team line-up without the two best defenders of the last generation.

Simon Phillips – News Editor

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