We are happy to report on this Friday morning, it would seem that the blues of London are in fact the most popular team in South East Asia, according to Thailand’s most read newspaper. Rivals Manchester United have always been leading the way in popularity in this part of the world but the tables have now turned in the wake of Chelsea’s hard work in coaching schools, promotion and community events in the region, thus making them a hugely popular club. These kind of relations is only great for the clubs revenue, popularity and world wide presence keeping them as one of the biggest clubs in the world. Below are snippets from the newspapers, Thai Rath and Siam Rath.


Thai Rath Newspaper – This newspaper is distributed nationwide. It is the oldest and best-selling newspaper in Thailand, claiming a circulation in excess of 1 million copies daily.

Talking about the accomplishment of this event is huge! Even though the “Red Devils” were missing “Robin Van Persie” and Thai fans were waiting for him to arrive but he was no where to be seen, Manchester United was still able to hold onto Thai fans spirits.  Manchester United being the best team in England has caused such a big hassle and new fans that were prepared to buy Manchester United jerseys turned around to cheer for “The Blue Lions” instead.

Even though before arriving, Manchester United were big news in Thailand and it was all everybody was talking about but once Chelsea arrived into Bangkok with their friendly smiles and the way they entertained their fans, the “Blue Lions” won over many many new fans in Thailand! Fans loved the open training session, and was surprised at the football clinic Chelsea sent their captain “John Terry” to join in activities with the kids which won the hearts of Thai people.

Also during the Chelsea vs.Singha All Star game not sure if it was the style of Chelsea’s playing technics or the full Chelsea team being here in Bangkok but the crowd was definitely having fun with doing the wave and cheering on the Chelsea troop throughout the whole game.

You can see difference between the two teams, even when Chelsea was leaving to get onto their bus the players went to the fans and gave out autographs and took pictures with everyone!

Siam Rath Newspaper

Singha All Star turned the game around with winning Manchester United 1-0 that Mr. Theeratep shot, such a turnaround for the Premier League Champions and for David Moyes.

Chelsea built a great relationship with their Thai fans with being very friendly and easy going. And Chelsea sent their stars like Gary Cahill and Romelu Lukaku to open Chelsea’s football clinic for kids that also joined in the clinic was “Nong Bo” Supasek Amornchat son of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra.

Nobody was left unexcited from the Chelsea match against Singha All Star and Mourinho putting his all with running on the side of the game almost the whole 90 minutes.

After the match, Chelsea players exhausted and tired from the game they still had enough strength to give out autographs to their fans who were waiting for them.

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