Momentum can be defined as an impelling force or strength. As any physicist may tell you, with enough momentum (p=mv), the more power resides in a moving body and the harder it is stop.  There was a determination and unnerving will to win at the weekend. The superb performance at Anfield has left us with a home game to win against Wigan to seal the Premiership title. It looks as though this side has all the momentum and more to make sure that happens.

With all due respect, on paper, I don’t think there would be a fan or a player who wouldn’t take our final home fixture as a title decider. Beat Wigan and we win the league? Where do I sign up?! However football isn’t played on paper and, as we all know, it can throw up a nasty surprise now and again. There are bound to be some nerves on Sunday afternoon, not just in the stands, but also out on the pitch. It’s understandable even for the most hardened of players, an entire season’s slog rests on one result, it’s only human nature to have some butterflies in the belly. Hopefully the experience of so many near misses over the last few years will really spur on the team from the kick off. We saw what the first goal did for the performance against Liverpool, an early goal would not only dispel any nerves in the stadium but also give us the confidence to push for a suitably comfortable score line. I think it’s vital that the team attacks from the very start and pushes forward as often as possible for the opening goal. Wigan will be expecting intense pressure and a similar start to the Stoke game could mean that they buckle and fold in the first half. Carlo’s recent line-ups have strongly been set out to attack and the form of the front three should mean all will be eager to step up and be a hero on Sunday.

 The other part to play is of course the fans. The away support was magnificent last weekend and, much like the team, we need just as strong a performance for the final home game. If we can get each side of the ground rocking on Sunday then the supporters can really help the team cross the finishing line in style.

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