Some latest news on Azpi joining Chelsea. It’s happening by the end of this week as I’ve said for sometime now. Even more proof of this is being offered as it has been confirmed that the Spanish international is out of Marseille’s squad for their game tomorrow evening, because the deal has been agreed.

Also, La Provence have stated that the deal has been officially agreed and that Chelsea will sign Azpilicueta on a 5-year contract. The fee is said to be around £7.5 million. It is imminent and he should be available for our next match at the weekend.

Why has it taken so long? Good question! Terms have been agreed for a while, the fee has been negotiated a few times but shouldn’t have took this long. The player has had some reported personal issues to deal with at home, but that has not been confirmed.

But who cares, he’s on his way, it’s an exciting signing.

Simon Phillips – News Editor

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