After growing speculation in the media with regards to Yossi Benayoun’s injury, the player has released the following statement from the clubs official website:

‘There have been quotes in the media this week that have been incorrectly attributed to me, suggesting I am critical of Chelsea’s medical staff.
‘I have made no such remarks. I want to make it clear that I have full confidence in both the Chelsea and Israeli medical teams and at no time have I disputed or doubted their findings or advice. I am not blaming anyone.
‘I now want to focus on recovery and rehab without further distractions so I won’t be commenting further on the matter. I look forward to returning and playing for the team as soon as possible.’

Cfcnet would like to express it’s empathy for Benayoun and his situation and wishes him a speedy recovery and return to the team.


The piece entitled “Yossi Benayoun: Whats really going on?” has been edited in light of Yossi Benayoun’s statement 18/10/2010 with regards to quotes incorrectly attributed to him. Cfcnet will always endeavour to throughly confirm and clarify all information reported on the site wherever possible.


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