For many keen sports fans, the idea of betting for real cash may seem daunting. If you have never placed a bet online and are interested, try this option first.

FanBet offers a free betting game where you can bet with credits before you bet with real money. Each week you receive £5,000 in fantasy credits to place bets on Premier League games with. The game works just like a real bookmaker, with live streaming odds and score updates.

Cash Prize Pool
To add an incentive to the competition, FanBet throws in £250 every week. This is bonus cash you can win by finishing in the Top 10 weekly punters. The prize money is paid directly into your Paypal account. Nice and easy.

What else is there at FanBet?
In addition to the free betting game, FanBet offers odds comparisons, pro tips, live scores, chat and more. The web app has been built to work best on mobile devices and FanBet is free to join.

For a complete preview of the features available at FanBet visit the website. You can sign up for instant access, place a few free bets and browse the site. New sports will be added shortly but in the meantime enjoy the Premier League betting options.

Visit to get started.

FanBet does not accept money for anything. FanBet is 100% free and is thus legal in all countries. FanBet is an infotainment platform for Premier League fans.

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