Surebets — the only safe bets on sports: if you correctly calculate an arb, you’ll get your profit no matter what the outcome is. On average, winning makes up to 10-15% of the bet — not much, but you play it safe. For instance, having $100 bankroll, you may earn $10-15 (depending on the odds your win may be much higher).

How do surebets appear and how legitimate they are? Surebets appear due to odds difference for the same events with different bookies. The reason for this difference may be competition between bookmakers or a banal carelessness and mistakes. In fact, surebets are not any different from the bets on sports, so it’s completely legal.


You may use two ways to search for arbs.

The first, but not the most effective – monitor bookmaker’s sites and calculate odds’ difference on a simple calculator. Second, the most effective and simple – use arb service.

BetBurger — arb service
BetBurger has been in existence for 3 years already and has the highest rate among arb services. With its help you may find Live and Prematch arbs within 23 different sports: soccer, tennis, basketball etc. BetBurger scans up to 1.5 mill arbs within 133 bookmakers daily.

Odds are being collected from a great number of markets. In that way, BetBurger may offer much more unique arbs than any other service.

Due to the calculator, one may easily check and choose odds for the same outcome with different bookies. All you have to do – bet and win! Arber may ease his work using various sortings and filters: according to equity, country, beginning time etc.

To be kept informed of new arbs, one may set voice and text notifications.

It worth noting that BetBurger has an understandable and well-structured interface. Even if you’re a newbie, you’ll easily get how to work with the service.

You don’t have to bother yourself with apps, as BetBurger runs in the browser.

In addition, It has mobile version — obvious advantage for those who don’t want to waste time while on the road or waiting friends.

Tariff Plans
There is a Free tariff. Prematch and Live paid tariffs are advised to be used by professionals.

The following payment systems are available: Skrill, Visa, Master Card, Paysafe card, Neteller.

BetBurger video overview you may watch here:

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Let’s sum up
BetBurger — easy, effective, functional. It’s appropriate for professionals as well as for newbies.

Obvious advantages — Live and Prematch arb search within 23 sports and 133 bookmakers; calculator; sortings and filters; clear interface; customer support;  a detailed manual.

This article was written based on BetBurger: arbitrage betting service.

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