Demba Ba celebrates scoring against Tottenham
Demba Ba celebrates scoring against Tottenham

Unless Roman Abramovich has a fit of generosity and digs deep in his pockets most Chelsea fans will be watching the World Cup from home. However, there are still ways for you to leave Heathrow heading to Rio rather than the Costa del Sol, and there’s no better way than what TitanBet are offering right now.

The bookmakers are looking to fly one lucky soul out to Brazil and employ them as their eyes and ears. With free travel, accommodation, and a £4,000 salary in return for a few tweets, blogs, and pictures, this really is the closest you can get to living the dream.

In order to stand a chance of winning you need to make a video, no longer than a minute in length, which showcases your originality and your presentation skills. Look at Tony Cascarino on Sky Sports, better him and you’ll be in with a chance.

Once you are pleased with your video upload it YouTube, where else, and then post the link on the TitanBet Facebook page.

Your video will then be mulled over by a host of judges, who will use their expertise as well as factoring in the overall popularity of the video, to determine their winner.

You will also be required to create a TitanBet account, like their Facebook page, and agree to their Terms & Conditions – make sure you agree to those T & C’s otherwise you’ll be making a bigger mistake than Sam Dalla Bona’s Stamford Bridge exit.

Just because Frank Lampard may not be going to Brazil does not mean that you won’t. Get your cameras front facing and go for it.

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