CFCnet has been inundated by complaints from angry fans because of the increased loyalty point allocation for the Copenhagen home tie. Previously a ‘single loyalty point’ tie, the Copenhagen Champions League home match is now a ‘5 Pointer’.

The reason for this is obvious – the Club is having a problem shifting tickets for the match. The Club has therefore employed the nuclear option for shifting tickets – even those priced at Category A levels – by hiking the loyalty points from one to five.

This ‘carrot and stick’ approach (carrot = more loyalty points; stick = you won’t make the Wembley Champions League final if you don’t have enough points) ensures that the Club tempts fans to part with more than £50 for a ticket on the premise that they have a greater chance of being eligible for a (possible) final.

Here’s one of the typical emails we’ve received on the topic:

Dear CFCnet
I have previously commented in an article for cfcuk on the “loyalty” points system that the club operates and brought into question the use (or mis use) of the word “loyalty” in the scheme.

It seems as if my initial fears have now been proved right as it has become apparent that the points do not represent loyalty to the club at all and are used as, in my view, a way of “blackmailing” loyal fans to come to games with a fear that they may not qualify for a semi-final or final ticket.

Here is my evidence;
Please turn to page 13 of the CFC ticketing policy season 2010/2011 which can be found on the ticketing section of the club website.

“Chelsea FC ticketing season ticket holders and members “loyalty” scheme. For this season points will be awarded as follows:

  • 1 point for Man United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Spurs, West Ham and Champions League KNOCKOUT STAGES
  • 3 points all other home and away FAPL games
  • 5 points FA Cup, Carling Cup, and Champions League GROUP STAGES

As many readers will agree … things are tough financially for a lot of our faithful supporters at the moment with me being no exception. Those of us that are finding it hard cash-wise could be forgiven for potentially selecting the Copenhagen home game to sit out (£50+ to get our season ticket seats … £100 + if there are two of you to pay for). And after all it is only 1 point “loyalty” wise so it shouldn’t impact too much on my ability to get a final ticket should we get to Wembley. Also if we do get to the champions league final we will have to find £150-£300 for a final ticket which adds to the need to try and make the occasional saving.

So What do the club do after our win in Copenhagen? … INCREASE THE “LOYALTY” POINTS FROM 1 TO 5 for the home game.

Perhaps the caption on ticket news should read…”Change in Chelsea ticketing policy… as we don’t think many supporters will part with £50 + for this game we would like to warn them that this decision could seriously dent their chances of getting a final ticket as we now offer an additional 4 points for your “loyalty” Or points for cash…roll up and get extra points for cash!

There was no “extra” points for travelling by car up to Newcastle in serious weather conditions for a Sunday kick off (they got the game on which makes a mockery of our Man U home game) to name but one of many really tricky away games so far this season that we have had to go to this season that warranted more than 1 to 3 points.

I am not against those who go to the most games getting a final ticket should we reach one but with the system as it stands this is not the case … you could attend 5 away games and end up with the same points credit achievable for paying £50.00+ and going to this home game.

Dont get me wrong … I would attend this game if the price was less but for alot of us during these hard times SOMETHING has to give … and if the board are reading this it is NOT OUR LOYALTY.


We couldn’t put it better ourselves.


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