There has been a lot of media attention surrounding Chelsea and an apparent campaign against the club by various media outlets and the Football Association, and it is somewhat taking over the fact that there are football matches to be won and a league to contend.

The Blues sit five points clear at the top of the Premier League, however performances of late have not been to the high standards we showed at the beginning of the season and I can’t help but feel that the players are being affected by off the pitch nonsense and the media.

Boss Jose Mourinho recently vented his frustrations during the Sky Sports Goals on Sunday show and much of his anger was directed at Sky Sports, The FA and refereeing standards. Although I agree with the content of what he is saying and the fact we have been extremely hard done by with various decisions from the incompetent FA which have quite frankly been pathetic, I still believe that these situations are only adding fuel to the fire and if there is a campaign, making it even worse.

Naturally we all want to vent our anger towards the authorities and demand more, after all we are all paying for a service, we are the customers who are unhappy, The FA as an organisation should be responding to this. But we know they won’t and we know that nothing we can say or do will change the way this organisation operates and deals with incidents and bad refereeing.

The players are being affected, we need to put this nonsense to one side and concentrate on winning matches and not feeling sorry for ourselves. If we are not getting decisions then we must be focused on scoring more goals from open play and not relying on decisions to go our way. Yes the Burnley game was ludicrous but we should have had them dead and buried in the first half so the incidents would not have even been an issue.

All this negativity and public attention will only have a bad affect, it’s time to step out and let our football do the talking.

Simon Phillips – News Editor – @cfcneteditor

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