Good Afternoon fellow Blues, we have a few updates for you today, that’ll hopefully help see you through the damned international break.

Firstly, Roman Abramovich has just spent another £9 million of his hard earner cash. Obviously the transfer window is closed, so unfortunately I cannot report that this is on a quality new striker, but it is still good news. Abramovich has decided to invest his money in Surrey-based tech firm AFC Energy. Admittedly the financial world is not my forte, but I am pretty sure that Roman and his advisors have made a good move here and will only benefit the club in the long run.

Lets move on to something I do know a little more about, the football side of things. The lovely English Football Association have been up to their tricks again, this time with more help from the British media and some lazy journalism. They do enjoy stirring things up at Chelsea and it seems they always enjoy writing about Chelsea players being ‘in trouble’.

Ryan Bertrand was the latest target, because he swore on a tweet. I know right? He used a ‘swear’ word, unheard of these days, clearly. I’m not defending Ryan and he shouldn’t have sworn, he knows that. But come on, did it really need to spark various media stories around this story? Calling for Ryan to be removed from the England squad, fined, arrested, put in jail, and god knows what else! It’s madness, and all because the FA decided to announce that Bertrand had withdrawn from the England squad because he had a ‘sore throat’. Please, as if Ryan is the type of player to not play because he has a tickle in his throat, he’s a man not a mouse, unlike some people who work at the FA.

Swiftly moving on, was anyone else thinking that they were dreaming when it was announced that Juan Mata did not make the Spain squad for their World Cup qualifiers? Are they insane? Clearly. Juan Mata has been one of the top performing attacking midfielders in the world so far this season, that’s simply a fact that you cannot disagree with. He has improved immensely from last season, but yet last season he constantly made the Spanish squad? How does that work? Well, it’s their loss, our gain and I’m happy because now it saves any potential injuries, so Gracias Amigos!

Now, there is constantly talk of a new striker arriving in January. It will happen, there is no doubt about that. But are we about to see a similar situation as what happened in the summer, when Abramovich opted for signing the cheaper, easier option Victor Moses, as apposed to getting in to any bidding wars or ransoms for Porto’s Hulk? I believe so, I feel that with all the speculation surrounding a move for Falcao, who now has 5 or 6 clubs who are seriously interested in making a move, we will opt for a cheaper option such as Loic Remy or Fernando Llorente, who are both heavily linked with us right now. I don’t think we’ll sign Llorente, but Remy wouldn’t be the end of the world, he looks like a very good talent. For me though, I’d love to see Falcao join, but I completely understand Abramovich and his disinterest in getting involved with big money transfer battles. There are various strong sources that claim Falcao will be a Chelsea player in January and I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t.

If we get Falcao, I’ll doubt we’ll be going for my next subject, Brazil superstar Neymar. He recently revealed that when the right offer comes in (which will be in the summer), then he will seriously listen, and he even mentioned that Chelsea could be one of those options. Our boy Oscar has apparently been persuading Neymar to join Chelsea, which will clearly make a difference. But he won’t come cheap, and once again, it will be a battle that Roman might not want to be involved in.

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Simon Phillips – News Editor

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