I am afraid that I have been saying the following opinions since midway through last season when we were playing poor then. This isn’t a new problem, we ended up winning the title on luck, relying on Man City to bottle it, defending for our lives and getting decisions. Yes we played well at the beginning of the season but there are certain players who keep getting picked by the Manager who are simply just not good enough.

Do I want Jose Mourinho sacked? Absolutely not, but I do want him to decide on what formula he is using and gain that balance. It’s been concerning for me that he still insists on going with the same below par players.

Cesc Fabregas – Was excellent when he arrived but playing in the deeper role he is simply awful, there is no other way to put it. He gives the ball away, defends poorly and is the main reason why our defence is so poor this season. He still has the class and quality to be a key player for us, but ONLY in the number ten role or as the most advanced of a three man central midfield.

John Obi Mikel – Never really managed to cement down a first team regular slot which to me only means that he just isn’t quite good enough.

Branislav Ivanovic – Totally lost it, he was always a liability before but would make up for it with his defensive ability to make a last ditch tackle or block and even come up with hugely important goals. But he isn’t even doing any of that now and should never be starting every match, he must be dropped permanently. We are wasting two full back positions by playing him.

Oscar – Although he has shown glimpses of quality, throughout his Chelsea career he has never been consistent and once again has failed to cement down a regular starting slot. I’ve always said he would be more affective in a deeper role but now I just feel that although he is class, he just lacks that extra factor, the ability to beat a player and although he shows vision at times, he also misses killer passes.

Diego Costa – Am I the only Chelsea supporter who see’s past the circus that is Diego Costa? Ok, yes he does score goals (albeit not this season) and his aggression can be good when not being over the top. But without talking about him being a major liability, I just don’t think he has enough footballing ability to lead the line. Compare him with Sergio Aguero for example, the City striker is class and a magician on the ball as well as being aggressive and a great finisher. Costa is clumsy and runs with his head down trying to go through defenders without any kind of plan or ability to properly do anything with it. With the ball coming to his feet he can hold it up, but when it comes to doing that extra bit, he is clueless. Yes I agree we need players with his desire in the side, but we also need the ability.

Willian – Another hit or miss player not showing enough consistency to be deemed as good enough. Doesn’t cement down a regular starting role either and although I love his flair and ability to beat players, he does not score or create enough in my opinion.

There are also a number of players who are close to this list but I still feel have enough to be good enough such as Gary Cahill and Ramires. These two are both players who have so much passion and desire and we need that badly right now. Ramires gives away too many passes though and Cahill shows signs of liabilities at the back. But still these two I’d rather have in the squad, even if just as backup.

As for Eden Hazard – still our best and most creative player. I would not lose the faith here, he is the player who will make things happen and create something from nothing.

John Terry also needs to be starting. I’m sick of the he has no pace argument, he has never had it. He is our leader and our captain, we are lost without him and until I see a suitable replacement, he must start. Rafa Benitez also tried to make this mistake by dropping Terry and so called ‘ending his Chelsea career’ and now I see Mourinho doing the same. He MUST have a reality check here and get Terry back in the backbone of this team as soon as possible.

There are players who are sat on the bench who I genuinely feel will do a better job right now. The likes of Ruben Loftus-Cheek, Kenedy, Ramires, Baba Rahman, Bertrand Traore. These players have all shown the fresh life that is so badly needed right now. I seriously hope Mourinho sticks to his words and now plays the kids.

As a final thought, why did we ever sell Ryan Bertrand? I’ve not seen enough of Rahman yet to judge but from what I have seen of Bertrand with us and at Southampton – he is definitely good enough to be our starting left back and would have kept Ivanovic out of the side right now if we still had him. This is a perfect example of this club allowing top class players to leave when really they should have been given a proper chance, instead of sticking with the same flop players.

Mourinho, sort it out and sort it out fast. He needs to be bold and brave and when he does make these decisions to bring in the youngsters, we must fully support this. I still have faith in Jose.

Simon Phillips

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