Dear Fellow Chelsea Supporters … take a look at the following link: Fulham – Pubwatch CFCnet would like to propose that any pub that signs up to this ‘Pubwatch’ gets boycotted by Chelsea supporters. 

Obviously we’d need your help to promote this, perhaps by giving out leaflets at the door of each bar that signs up.

It’s an outrageous attack on the majority of Chelsea supporters who behave sensibly and properly when visiting Stamford Bridge and its surroundings.

We’re also annoyed that it’s a slur on well behaved Chelsea supporters when only a few months ago the West Ham v Millwall game saw violence on an unprecedented scale – yet alas nothing happens there despite the air being thick with knives, bricks and punches.

Finally, we’d also like to remind residents of Fulham Broadway that the Club existed long before they moved here. If they didn’t like football fans, why move here in the first place? A few holes in that particular argument, especially if you were born in SW6 etc, but a valid point nonetheless for the majority.

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