A couple of weeks ago, after seeing new signing David Luiz put in another match winning performance against Man City, the boys on the Chelsea Football FanCast got rather carried away with all the Brazilliance! In the show of the same name, they declared “It’s just like watching Brazil!!” and of course duly sung the song of the same name in the popular slot “We’re out to show the World the Way to Sing!”

Carried on in a wave of samba-esque euphoria, and on a whim ‘Stamford’ Chidge announced that Chelsea should re-introduce the classic Yellow and Blue away kit, worn by Chelsea teams during the mid ‘60’s to early ‘70’s. Worn, in fact by no lesser mortals than the likes of Ron ‘Chopper’ Harris; Alan Hudson; Peter Osgood; Ian Hutchinson; Charlie Cooke; Tommy Baldwin and so on. Then, and only then would it truly be like “watching Brazil” as we would have both Brazillians in the team and they would sport a kit very similar to the famous Brazil Yellow and Blue.

It’s funny how comments that start out as a bit of banter quite often cause a bit of a ripple effect. Within days, emails, texts, facebook messages were received indicating what a good idea this would be. Well, we Chelsea Fundamentalists are not the type of supporters to sit on a good idea.

On the latest FanCast – “Going Potty in the Potteries!” The Chelsea Football FanCast #152 – the boys launched the “Bring Back the Yellow & Blue Away Kit” campaign in conjunction with CFCnet and all the other great Chelsea Supporter groups and websites.

Why you may ask? Here are a few pointers:

  1.  We believe that it would honour an increasing number of Brazillian players now playing for the club – Alex, Luiz, Ramires with the promise of more to come.
  2. The Yellow and Blue kit is seen by many of us as our traditional away kit. Yellow Shirts and Blue Shorts have been worn by Chelsea in the following seasons: 1963-64; 1965-67; 1968-70; 1970-71; 1970-72. If you don’t believe us have a look at this excellent website: http://www.historicalkits.co.uk/Chelsea/Chelsea-change-kits.html
  3. We believe that this kit, apart from being traditional, and making a few of our newer supporters more aware of our history, actually looks good. The plethora of mindbogglingly horrible away kits in recent years is staggering. The Black and Orange kit this year, and the dayglo green one a couple of years back being cases in point!
  4. If it’s good enough for Brazil, it’s good enough for Chelsea!

If you would like to see Chelsea play in their traditional Yellow and Blue away kit, and honour our ‘Boys from Brazil’ then support the campaign. You can do this in a number of ways. We have a Facebook group imaginatively titled: “Bring Back the Yellow and Blue Away Kit” –  so join the group and leave a comment as to why you support the campaign.

Alternatively, leave a comment on the various websites where you are reading this article.

We’ll be collating numbers and comments, and presenting them to Chelsea FC at the next Fans Forum taking place this Saturday before the Wigan game. So get your skates on we’ve only got a few days to get as many numbers as possible.

Let’s hope it really will be a case of “It’s just like watching Brazil!” next season.

Stamford Chidge – Chelsea Football FanCast

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