It looks like CFCnet have become the first Chelsea FC related website to offer a fully fledged 100% Chelsea FC publication online. Are you watching Peter Kenyon?

Using one of the best “page turn” applications on the market you can now sit back and relax, and see the CFCnet magazine for yourself, on your PC in all it’s glory. If you haven’t seen the print version you will be absolutely amazed at the layout and quality of the articles.

Buy the latest edition now!

Whether you are in New York or New Cross, you can read the CFCnet magazine online in more or less the time it takes to boil a kettle.

Using our online payment system, you will be able to buy up to four credits. Each credit will allow you to view a previous edition of our magazine. The credits will be priced as follows:

  • 1 credit £2.75
  • 2 credits £5.50
  • 3 credits £7.25
  • 4 credits £9.00

Buying one credit will allow you to purchase any previous edition, two credits will buy two and onwards up to four.

As our regular visitors to the CFCnet website will know, CFCnet is not funded by any large corporate enterprise such as the Vital or Rivals networks. We charge no membership fee and we are totally independent, unofficial and we truly appreciate your purchase of the magazine as it helps us to keep this all running.

CFCnet e-editions are a great way to get your unofficial Chelsea dose of the CFCnet magazine when ever and where ever you are in the world.

As well as replicating the effect of turning pages online, the feature-packed system that we use makes your reading experience of the CFCnet magazine as realistic, enjoyable and interactive as possible.

e-edition benefits

  • Easy Access – Read the magazine as you normally would, all on your computer. Anytime and from anywhere.
  • Easy to Read – Zoom-in magnification and easy page navigation.
  • Easy to use – Keyword searches – full text index helping you find anything within our e-editions. You can jump to sections and link to other websites with a single click.

Why not visit this link for a free read and preview of how things look.

For those of you interested in the print version of the magazine please visit our magazine’s website.

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