With the news that we are to entertain a team who play at the Walkers Bowl in the Carling Cup, I got to thinking of crisps. Yes, spurious in the extreme, but it’s nice to move away from club politics for a while isn’t it?

So, does anyone else remember the good old days? Before Walkers took the crisp crown Golden Wonder were the darlings of the deep fried potato snack set. In those days, Salt & Vinegar were in a blue packet and Cheese & Onion were always in a green packet.

Nowadays however, the colours have changed and for those of us of a certain vintage there is always the possibility of a nasty, vinegary surprise when we tuck into our customary pack of cheese and onion in front of Match of the Day.

But things change and we all have to move on. Someone, probably within the Walkers Empire, decided once they had taken over the Smiths mantle that they needed to show that they were in some way different and progressive. Quite why Cheese & Onion had to face the ignominy of having their highly distinctive Green & Yellow livery (always one of my fave Chelsea away colour combinations by the way) replaced with the blue of a flavour that always left a slightly sour taste in the mouth is anyone’s guess, but given Walkers’ continued rise to glory it would appear that someone at the top of the organisation knew exactly what he was doing.

Personally, I’ll always equate Cheese & Onion with Yellow & Green, it had a sort of symmetry – cheese is yellow and spring onions are green. Neither are blue (apart from those continental mould types of course).

To replace a combination that had become recognised worldwide and with a fair amount of success always seemed ridiculous to me. Nowadays, however, I’m sure that the stats would support the fact that the change was correct and should encourage me to move with the times, embrace the change whilst still being able to look back fondly on the heyday of Cheese & Onion.

Anyway, enough cheese and back to the football. Let’s be thankful the guys pulled off a win at the Mozzarella this week eh?

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