Fabio Capello and John Terry will reportedly today hold talks with regards to the future of his England captaincy. JT, who allegedly committed adultery, now needs to convince Capello that he is still the right man for the job.

But surely a decision is a little premature? The storms not settled and the facts haven’t all been gathered. His private life is just that, private, and whilst a meeting is needed to establish John Terry’s frame of mind, they should be centred on how strong mentally he is, by finding out how well he’s coping and if he can concentrate when his wife and kids aren’t with him. Anything else to do with his plight should be based on how well he can hold the England dressing room, give him the next game as captain and see how they respond to it.

At club level, the game after the allegations hit the headlines, JT capped off a Man Of The Match performance against Burnley with a goal, followed by skippering us a draw to Hull, a team who should have got that result against us at the start of the season when there was no disruption. Moreso then this, when we played Birmingham the super injunction was already in place, JT had the strain of knowing that all may be spilt in two days when there was a new hearing on whether it should be lifted, the same as for the Preston game. So in the games since the papers got hold of the story, he captained us to seven points out of nine, and saw us through to the next round of the F.A Cup.

The question of what sort of team mate is he is valid, but now it seems Bridge wasn’t the first in the Chelsea team either, now it’s come to light that she had left her legs open wider then Schmeichel did at Old Trafford when Vialli slotted past him. If it wasn’t with him Wayne, it’d have been someone else.

John Terry has done wrong of course, he completely forgot about the only rule of infidelity, the legal loophole in adultery that allows you to get away with it, yes, he forgot the post code rule. Whilst what he did is unacceptable, plenty of married men and women are unfaithful and don’t lose their jobs for it. It’s something that Sven committed and didn’t lose his job for. Something David Beckham committed and didn’t lose the England captaincy for.

So as Capello re-assesses whether JT is the right man to lead us to World Cup glory, surely he should factor how well JT can stomach this extra weight on his shoulders. Fabio Capello surely cannot make a reasoned judgement at least until the next England international, but more accurately the end of the season, where he can see if Terry can marshall us to Premier or Champions League glory, see what performances he can turn in and how the team take to him. This also allows him to see if there is anyone better for the job at another club.

Tony Adams got redemption for worse sins, Stevie GBH isn’t any more qualified, there’s footage of him punching a bloody DJ. Rio’s Man United’s third choice captain, he’s missed a drugs test and is currently on his second appeal for deliberatly elbowing a fellow player in the face, and lest we not forget that upon walking off the pitch he kicked a female steward before. Beckham has committed the same sin as Terry, and Rooney is way too young and inexperienced, he only chirps up when it’s berating the ref, not to lead the team. And as we know, FIFA run by different rules to the F.A, referee’s outside of England do not have to recognise Rooney as England’s golden child, he is not exempt from getting booked for dissent by them, not to mention prostitution is illegal and thereby what Rooney did with the granny also is.

It cannot go unacknowledged how much the papers have blown everything overboard, no one more then the Sunday Express, who hilariously ran as a headline story that Terry’s alleged affair could cost the nation £1 billion. Apparently, **IF** England go out early then it will be due to Terry and his supposed off field antics. No word of the papers who have thrown fuel to the fire, decided to publicise the story, or created campaigns to strip him of his captaincy, all of which can stir discontent amongst the team. Surely by that token, if we do win the World Cup with Fabio and JT as manager and captain, there will be a similar campaign for them to be given a tax free status by the government, as a thank you for earning the economy the £1 billion in revenue that we fall short of every major tournament.

If the papers truly care about England’s World Cup bid, they will agree to hold all stories until mid July, in their eyes not so much for the good of our World Cup bid, but because they can run an even better headline. By mid July JT won’t just be any England Captain, but our first World Cup winning captain since Bobby Moore. On July 11th, John Terry will become England’s only living World Cup winning captain, and I can’t help think that it’ll be a bigger story when that day comes. Print the papers for July 12th already if you like, it’ll save you having to work on the Sunday when the rest of the nation is toasting England’s finest sporting triumph in 44 years. Let’s face it, if the Tony Blair enquiry is ousted from the front pages because JT did the dirty, then England winning the World Cup surely won’t measure up either.

No one is more aware then the fans of our club on how corporate Chelsea is becoming, with the Chelsea boardroom perceiving us as a brand and not a football club. Sponsorship deals run into their multi millions and reputations need to be in tact to maximise these. So, for those higher up then Ancelotti to allow him absolute say in the Chelsea captaincy, and for him to stick by JT, shows that off the field it isn’t as big a problem as made out, and on the field he is the right man.

Hopefully, it can only be assumed that his fellow countryman will be granted the same freedom, and we hope that he comes up with the same outcome.

There’s Only One England Captain.

John George Terry.

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