Today marks the 100th day since Carlo took the reigns at our club, so here’s a look back thus far at the man at the helm. If we want to talk approval ratings, Ancelotti’s percentage can’t be far off his amount of days in charge, can it?

Who can forget that belter when he announced he wasn’t sure if John Terry would be captain this season. If ever you quickly want to warm to a manager, lines like that make it all the easier.

A successful summer tour was followed by a match against Reading, whereby we practiced scoring late goals. A week later a Community Shield victory over Man United allowed Carlo to achieve something only Vialli had done thus far at Chelsea, he won some silverware within his first 100 days at the helm. Albeit technically a friendly, they all count.

After the recent instability of his predecessors, Carlo found one way to survive the Stamford Bridge hotseat, by cunningly replacing it against Hull with a Gatorade coolbox, and the result almost set the tone for another erratic season. A scrappy game saw us go a goal down, us scoring a free kick is somewhat a rarity but Drogba did just that in first half added time, and with the result destined for a draw, the second half stoppage time saw a Drogba mis-hit drift over Myhill and into the net, something the Ivorian admitted was a cross. But again, they all count, and at 3pm on the first day of the season, we were three points clear at the top of the league.

Sunderland away was a superb performance, with the home fans applauding Deco off the pitch, and Bruce in awe of the way we played that day. A convincing win against Fulham kept us top, and like last season a blip at the end of September saw us take second place for one weekend. Last season though we didn’t take top spot past November, this time we play Arsenal in the last game of November again, but last season we were at home for the fixture.

Carlo has this week said he targeted one loss all season, and that’s been, it was just after the international break in Mourinho’s first season that we lost our only game that season, so what’s to say we can’t again? Why can’t we have the gun to tape finish being touted about by the media?

Carlo has also done his bit for the club off the pitch. The Kings Road was always known for it’s style, highlighted by us back in the 60’s and 70’s, the nineties saw Hoddle and Gullit bring it back on the pitch, as did Vialli, although his cashmere sweaters let him down off it. With José style off the pitch was restored, although not always as aesthetically pleasing on it. When he departed came an undertaker impressionist followed by a tracksuit manager, Guus restored a dress sense and credibility, but only now has the Gliteratti returned to Stamford Bridge.

Ancelotti has one of the biggest and most closely watched monitored jobs in the country, and similar to our Prime Minister, The Italian wasn’t the choice of the fans, but unlike our Prime Minister, he does now have the support of the people he is responsible for. More then anything, the songs against Blackburn last season were to remonstrate that we wanted to keep Guus, Ancelotti could have been any manager in the world, except a certain Special someone and perhaps a fellow countryman who’se current team awfully mix their blue with some claret.

Ancelotti spent eight years at Milan, so will have no intention of a brief stay like some of his predecessors. So far the footballs flowed at times, and we’ve a great strikeforce, the most versatile midfield in the league and a watertight defence as any.

Hopefully the team we lost to under a fornight ago will spend the last day of the season seeing their opponents lifting the Premiership title. Similary, hopefully the team we beat under a week ago will be the team we win the title against.

One hundred days and so far so good. Good luck Carlo, keep up the great work, we’re all behind you.

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