I love football, I love Chelsea.  I have a few friends who support Chelsea yet more that don’t.

One thing I am sure of is that the fans or supporters who go to games couldn’t judge a player or manager if he came up and sat on their faces.  Look at Anelka – how many goals has he scored for 16 million, and what about his assists?  Or look at Mikel who JM signed for the same amount again but splits fans as to whether he is the messiah of our midfield or lazy depending on what week it is.

What about Ramires? He is either out of his depth and at fault for our league demise or he is mustard and going to be our midfield dynamo for years to come. Same applies to Drogba – he is either top Drog or past it.

In my humble opinion most supporters know jack about players, managers or football.  Yes their tactics and team selection might work on the PC, Play Station or Xbox but in the real world most fans/supporters haven’t a clue.
It’s not just us. Take Utd fans or their supporters. Utd supporters had their ‘ta ra fergie 4 years of excuses’ unveiled in the Stretford end.  These die-hard, loyal fans who pay their money, buy their season tickets etc…well… if they had had it their way they would have given Fergie the bullet.  Thankfully, for them at least, the rest is history, yet it could have been Howard Kendall and such a different story.  But why is it that Fergie can go three years without lifting a league or cup yet still be allowed time to rebuild and remain in the hot seat?

For us it’s different – we have three months of haphazard displays yet the fans and media are out in force….
The media for me are like most fans or ex-players. They have their own perceptions. (How many times have you read a match report the following day in the national press and wondered whether the person actually at the game, or listened to a pundit and thought sorry mate that’s not right? 

I and my friends have correctly called and misjudged managers and players during our time of supporting Chelsea FC. I believed Fleck would be a ‘great’ only to see him outscored by Harford. I shrugged off Bates dismissal of Gullit yet saw and heard Vialli being praised or mugged off depending on the victory or game. Fans turned on his replacement Ranieri and then still chanted ‘Vialli’ at the Bridge – not so different then from when Avram replaced JM.  Most fans did not take to Carlo and are/were waiting for him to fail, yet he delivered a double.
Under Bates in 97 through to the present era we have never failed to finish in the top 6 and when we failed to qualify in the Champions League we did not implode. But significantly we now have an owner who has raised the expectations at the Bridge so that we expect to be competing for the Champions League each and every year. Remember we are the only club in England competing in this year’s completion who are worthy entrants, winners, as the Mancs had pointed out to us on numerous occasions of the English Premiership in 2010.
Carlo was appointed by Roman and he delivered the Double. He has now has lost the confidence of some of the supporters/fans, but what’s new? It seems winning a double in your first season in a new league/country, having major players leave in the summer, and being asked to bring through youth means you still have to deliver the Premier League. Are today’s fans crazy?

We have 12 games in the league left to come together, show our support as fans and supporters, and remember

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