As this is our last post of season 2010/2011, CFCnet would like to thank the 3 readers who subscribed to our RSS feed. We hope that the timing of our posts – 11pm at night – helped slip them into a deep, restful sleep. Rather like our season really.

It feels strange to talk about the past ten months in this manner especially as we came second to a club who were Champions League finalists. However, the feeling of anti-climax is palpable to CFCnet’s readers and, aside from the odd magical moment, we’d rather push last season into that section of our brain which manages ‘suppressed memories’.

Our previous post, End of Season Review Part One, covers off the departure of Ancelotti and has a basic overview of our season. This current post highlights what we consider to be our (few) sublime moments. Here goes:

  • Best Moment: The signing of Fernando Torres. After having to endure a mid-season collapse and the media carping on about Roman’s closed cheque book, out comes £50 million and a one finger salute. 11.30pm on transfer deadline day was about as much fun as we could endure short of a beach holiday with Eva Mendes.
  • Second Best Moment: The following day, when Fernando Torres went on record stating that, “The target for every player is to play for one of the tops clubs in the world and I can do it now, so I’m very happy.” So were we Fernando, for more reasons than you would ever know.
  • Best On Field Moment: Probably when Torres eventually scored. A long, long time later.
  • Worst Moment: Losing to Liverpool in our first home league game after deadline day. Why oh why did we play Torres in this game of all games? Ancelotti’s biggest black mark.
  • Player of the Season: After each game, CFCnet conducts an online poll ranking each player’s performance. It’s an accurate way of evaluating a player throughout the whole season, not for just one month’s worth of glory displays (aka ‘doing a Malouda’). CFCnet’s Player of the Season as voted by our readers? Step forward in 1st place John Terry (2nd – Ramires; 3rd – equal between Drogba & Mikel; 4th – Petr Cech; 5th Branislav Ivanović).
  • Signing of the season: Unpredictable, crazy, a Lisbon hairstylist’s dream etc, Sideshow Bob will undoubtedly enter Chelsea’s Hall of Fame at some point. Immensely talented and passionate in equal measure, Sideshow is tipped to one day become our future captain. His display against City was the performance of the season by any Chelsea player bar none.
  • Most improved player: Ramires, finally getting used to the pace of the Premiership after ten months.
  • On the decline: We can’t go there, it’s too distressing and we also value our knee caps. The next manager will have to be brave and ruthless, particularly when it comes to one or two legends.
  • Most needed: A creative midfield genius. Barcelona have a habit of pulling a Maradona, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho and Messi out of the bag. Can we start too? A fast winger or two wouldn’t go amiss either.
  • Please keep: Our defence. Still world class and (joint) best in the Premiership.
  • One that got away: Christian Ceballos, Barca’s Under 17 Captain. We dare not say more. But you can read about it here.

Perhaps it wasn’t such an uneventful season after all … Whatever happens over the next two months, let’s wish for a top class manager and a number of world class signings. We need them.

Finally, CFCnet would like to wish all our readers a great summer break and see you back at the Bridge in August.

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