Two days ago we bumped into Ken Monkou, Chelsea Player of the Year in 1990, who kindly agreed to do a ten minute pre-season video interview.  We’re pleased with the footage but, following the interview, we summarily sacked our studio television manager (ridiculous shutter blind background) and sound recordist (what sound?).

For our younger readers, Ken Monkou was a core team member of Chelsea’s infamous 1989/90 team that stormed into 5th place in the league following promotion from the then second division.  What a season that was and what a team of legends – Micky Hazard, Kevin (the tache) Wilson, David ‘Rodders’ Lee, Kerry ‘I’ll have a lager thanks’ Dixon, Steve Clarke, Dave ‘Lurch’ Beasant and Graham ‘I’m a spud at heart’ Roberts.  A classic period, the best support and great memories.  Incidentally, at the end of the 1989/1990 season, Ken Monkou won the Chelsea fans Player of the Year.

Ken currently has a number of projects on the go and also works for Chelsea FC both in corporate hospitality and also for Chelsea TV.  Our thanks go to Ken for taking the time to talk to us and we apologise that our Costa Coffee studio was so hopelessly inadequate. We’re talking about the coffee. Viewers will need to turn the sound up to the max.

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