A real blue letter day yesterday as I had two invitations – one from Chelsea Football Club, and one from CFCnet.

Chelsea FC invited me by telephone to attend a meeting of CPO multiple shareholders (supporters with 5 or more shares), hosted at Stamford Bridge by Bruce Buck & Ron Gourlay, with JT present in his role as President of CPO. 

CFCnet also invited me to contribute another article on CPO in light of having attended most CPO AGM’s since its inception in 1993, and additionally because my piece entitled “27p to save Stamford Bridge” prophesised the very scenario we find ourselves in now! In fact this led to me being quoted in the Daily Mail as being Richard King’s biggest critic (12th Dec 08).

So anyway, after having to show photo ID to get in last night, I found myself sat round a large table in the Vialli suite with about 25 other multiple shareholders, where upon Mr Buck rolled out his well-oiled proposal, warts and all (no sniggering at the back).

The only difference to his written proposal (originally sent out by CPO) was that this time his audience could ask questions and reply back, much like on Chelsea TV last Friday where he looked more like ‘Bruised Buck’ at the end of the hour, with caller after caller pulling the proposal to bits.

Yet again Mr Buck was mauled by some shareholders disappointed by the flimsy ‘just trust Roman’ core principle, and insulted by the contrived circumstance of much of its delivery. The persistent loud praise of our ‘benefactor’ for spending £726 million pounds on our beloved club is actually contradicted by the fact that he’s only loaned it via a holding company and can demand it back on 18 months’ notice!

Combined with his ‘old friend’ Boris Berezovsky complaining in the high court that Roman is ‘not a man to trust’ (to the tune of £3.6 Billion) it does make you stop and think. But all the main grievances are well aired by now – suffice to say Mr Buck’s admission of recently buying 99 more shares for the voting rights did nothing to help the already crippled PR of the proposal once again, nor the reputation of the directors of CPO who didn’t do the right thing and disallow that particular piece of subterfuge as soon as it reared its head (as any fair minded independent board would).

So to counter this shameful ploy every ‘No’ vote is vital to avoid the club gaining the 75% of the votes required.

The only positive from my point of view was meeting JT who was an absolute gentleman throughout and the only one who came through with any credit in my book, listening intently to all opinions, answering relevant questions, refusing the opportunity from the chair to go home when the long discussions got slightly heated, and even having the grace to sign a personalised autograph to my son at the end, despite my having constantly pilloried the Chairman’s proposal.

My perception was of a 50:50 split of that particular group which should be sufficient if repeated throughout the membership on the 27th I hope, assuming no further dubious policies come into play. 

CFCnet has asked me to stand as Proxy for the many ‘No’ voters who can’t attend the 27th October meeting. 

 If you wish me to do so, here are the instructions:

  1. Simply fill in my name ‘David Spring’ in the box on the form for your Proxy (which precludes any danger of the Chairman using your vote).
  2. Put a cross in the ‘against’ column for all 6 resolutions.
  3. Fill in your details on page 5, sign and date.
  4. Post to the address supplied in Addlestone, by ‘certificated post’ clearly written on the envelope (free at the post office), or even better by Recorded Delivery.
  5. Finally, send the serial number of your shares by text to me on 07587 008354, for subsequent confirmation of inclusion by the Electoral Reform Group.

Done – you’ve voted, now get out and convince your friends and family to do the same!

Shares can still be purchased up until Thursday, complete with voting rights.

If you can come along to vote personally on the 27th, please do, and take your invitation letter and photo ID (don’t give them the opportunity to turn you away), and I’ll see you there for the battle of Stamford Bridge!

(Editor’s note: CFCnet would like to thank David Spring for his tireless campaigning for Chelsea Pitch Owners for nigh on 18 years.  We salute you.)

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