Following widespread reports in the media, CFCnet would like to set the record straight regarding ‘Chelsea fans death threats made towards the Norwegian referee, Tom Henning Ovrebo’.

This is important as CFCnet has been widely quoted as the forum responsible for the death threats.

Upon detailed investigation of our website and forums, we have discovered that the death threats were made by a young 17 year old boy from Perth, Australia. The lad in question, Curtis Brand, took umbrage at Ovrebo’s refereeing whilst using our live, unmoderated match day forum. To view Curtis’ threat click here: Post 72

The young boy, obviously unaware of the media storm that would follow said, “I am seriously considering flying to Norway and killing the ref”.

The post, one of 1,057 made after the game, was live for 25 seconds before new posts created a brand new forum page for members to post on.

CFCnet abhors threats and violence of any kind, and has issued a written warning to Mr Brand stating that he will be banned from CFCnet for life if he makes any similar threats in future. This warning applies to all CFCnet members and users.

We have also spoken to Curtis’ father who has agreed to suspend Curtis’ membership of the Perth Gun Club and to confiscate his legally owned Magnum 45. He has also been barred by Rockstar Games from playing Grand Theft Auto 4 and by Ripcord Games from playing Postal 2.

Curtis’ father has also thanked CFCnet for letting him know about his boy’s murderous tendencies and has immediately placed him under psychiatric supervision. Mr Brand senior added, “Curtis receives ten Aussie dollars a week and we estimate he couldn’t have flown to Norway without saving up for four years so the referee would have been safe, at least up until 2013.”

CFCnet would also like to censure The Daily Mail, The Guardian, Reuters, London Lite, The London Paper and even The Independent for running such a ludicrous anti-Chelsea story. A slow news day chaps?

Finally, CFCnet would like to put on record that we echo Guus Hiddink’s view that Ovrebo’s refereeing display was the worst either we or he’d ever seen. Whilst not wanting to be seen to be xenophobic, CFCnet has also cancelled its end of season fjord cruise party and thrown away 5 tins of the finest Norwegian pickled herrings.

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