CFCnet are delighted to announce they have joined Football Collective, an exciting new blogger network that will be launched in the coming weeks.

We have been in contact with Football Collective’s management for several months now, and are enthusiastic about the step forward our partnership will help us take.

CFCnet will still possess the same traits our readers return for, with the integrity and identity of the site to remain firmly intact.

The change will bring about a different experience for our readers, however, and we are sure the benefits of that will be obvious.

It is a step taken to help CFCnet build on the foundations created over the last 15 years. Without giving too much away ahead of launch, the potential of the Football Collective network and the opportunities it should create is exciting.

Supporting the network is supporting us, so please follow Football Collective on Twitter and Facebook.

Do also visit their site, where you can sign up for their newsletter to get a sneak peek of what Football Collective is all about.

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