If you are old enough to have seen the evolution of the football fanzine you may enjoy browsing this feature throughout the forthcoming weeks and months. As you know CFCnet celebrates its 8th birthday as a web site in the summer. However it was actually 9 years ago that our roots were planted when Mark Wheeler set about developing a web presence to promote the Chelsea Independent Supporters Club (CISA) whom had been around in paper format since 1987.

However I’m not concentrating on the CISA straight away as today I’m kicking off with one that’s still around, Matthew Harding’s Blue and White Army (now called cfcuk). I’m not going to go into too much detail in these reviews but hopefully I can give you a little feel as to the sort of issues that have concerned the supporters over the last 20 years or so.

Matthew Hardings Blue and White Army – Issue 1

The Sheditorial – The first editorial of this issue tells us that the name came about due to the fact that most of the contributors sat in the Matthew Harding Stand and in Memory of Matthew himself.

Reflections on beating Arsenal 5-0 – by a contributor named Kisma Arsene.

Mister Vialli has left the Bridge – The contributor tells readers why he thinks Vialli will return to Juve later that year.

The thoughts of Chels Guevara – (Who at that time was on loan from the CISA.)

This piece covered the following:

Sky investment into Man Utd.
David Mellor’s task force.
The tragic death of James Barker. A Chelsea fan killed in the Omagh bombing.
Whether or not Ken Bates should work for the F.A
The lack of atmosphere at the Bridge

Reasons to be fearful (Part one) – Debating the Chelsea hotel and of course admission prices which were at that time between £22 and £28. Season tickets £370 – £1,025.

Ken for FA chair! – One contributor tries to get Ken to jon the F.A.

Who’s the (chair) Man? – Comparing the abilities of Fayed and Mr Bates. A great comment about Ken’s book being serialised in the Daily Sport whilst Fayed’s hit the broadsheets.

Double Standards – The clubs stance on leaflet distribution brought in question.

The Season so far – Player ratings – Title describes the feature really.

The great Escape – Chelsea Village staff do not  seem to have got to grips with article 19 of the Declaration of Human Rights. Everyone has the right to freedom of expression and opinion. The tale of how one fan gave a couple of security staff the slip.

Village News – Blueblagger considers the idea of buying a pitch share.

Dazed and Confused – Blue Daze comments on Elizabeth Duff Travel and Brian Laudrup.

The 1905 committee – “Tongue in cheek” look on the good things that are happening at the Chelsea.

Stick Sky on love – Talks about the impending pay-per-view business model at Sky.

Give us a song! – What ever happened to passion at the Bridge? First time this contributor had ever been to a game and not heard “One Man Went to Mow”.

Hope this piece brought back a few memories.

To find out more about the present day Matthew Hardings Blue and White Army fanzine just [click here] or email [David Johnstone] directly.

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