Blimey! It looks like we’ve made a decision at long last!  It’s a decision that should hopefully move CFCnet forward in terms of site stability, and hopefully in our credibility amongst other supporters who are not part of CFCnet for one reason or another. We will also become much more dependent on our visitors for input and contribution.

CFCnet has always wanted to keep the website completely free, but our problem is that the software, hosting, bandwidth and other related charges cost money which is where the problem lies.  When we started in 1999 with six readers this wasn’t an issue, however, as we’ve grown to over 180,000 unique readers each month, we are confronting an altogether different proposition both in financing and quality of debate!  Remember the ‘intelligent forum’?! I think it’s fair to say that’s not a true moniker any longer.

To help the financial burden we already carry advertising on the site and this partly helps offset costs.  However, we need a new option – one that benefits everybody yet keeps the site essentially free for most people.  What we have decided to do is to create an new and exclusive part of the website. This designated area will be brand new, shiny and will evolve with your comments and suggestions so you will be able to shape the direction it takes.

There will be no crap, no adverts, little if any moderation and most importantly to some of us… no away fans (Yes! – Peter). It will be constructive in criticism and will be intelligent in debate. There may be a membership fee or it may be invitation only. Either way when you enroll you will become an integral part of CFCnet at its deepest level, in an inner sanctum without the issues people currently complain about, and as a deep level CFCnet member, you will also be able to take advantage of discounted services and products that are advertised within CFCnet such as special offers and travel.

Just a footnote in that membership is not compulsory and you will be able to post and read the current forum and the main site exactly as you do now.

More information coming soon…

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