If you’ve been reading the site and forums here lately, you’ll have realised that the site is pretty short in cash, and were looking into many opportunities for getting some revenue. Finally we think we have found a solution.

We were approached by Roman-esque wealthy contributors seeking to build a wonderful site and forums of their own. They were quite appreciative of our site and especially our forums, and have offered to fully fund CFCnet, under one condition.

That condition is that our team here assisted them in producing a joint-forum for their own team and supporters.

Thus, as part of the all new experience on offer here, allow us to introduce THCFCnet – a joint venture between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur.

None of our forums nor the main site will be directly affected and we will still have a Chelsea forum, Transfer Talk forum, Chelsea matches forum etc… However, we will also have identical Spurs versions of each forum too.

We will also have Spurs fans signing up with the abilities to post in the Chelsea forums, while Chelsea posters will be given the option to post in Spurs forums. The Off-topic forum is still being negotiated and may also be shared with the Spurs fans, so it could be a forum where both sets of fans can enjoy banter on multiple other topics they should have in common.

Moderation will continue as is, and we will seek to increase the number of moderators from our new supporter base to join the current ones, who have been doing a magnificient job so far.

We are not so naive as not not realise that this may not go down as the most popular decision with our regulars, but this will ensure we can continue as the site will be well-funded.

We implore our regular visitors and contributors to understand the position we were left in, and hope that you will not be so disappointed to realise the necessity of our actions. Our calls for donations were not done for negligible reasons.

THCFCnet will be launched some time in June, with a rich blue and white background to display the unity of two fansites. We here in CFCnet hope that not only will our Chelsea fan community can continue onwards without much interference, but that it will be a complete success.

We are in early negotiations with an Arsenal forum to possibly join in. It is of the view of our very kind contributors that such a site which includes undoubtedly the three biggest London clubs will attract a lot of visitors and as a result, advertising.

With this in mind, we would hope to produce a site which not only gains more money from advertising, but would be self-sufficient by 2010. We also believe that we can continue to grow, and have a very real possibility of being the biggest fansite in the world by 2014.

I hope you will all join us in celebrating the continued future of CFCnet, and also recognise this monumental occasion in the history of CFCnet too.

The CFCnet staff.

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