CFCnet have teamed up with Betfect, a new revolutionary website and become a part of the ultimate social betting experience.

Let’s get one thing straight, Betfect are NOT a bookmaker. Betfect is an innovative social community which allows betters to place, copy and share bets all on one easy to use platform.

The Betfect website allows you to ‘follow’ top betters and your friends, therefore allowing you to see their bet slips. You can then copy their bet slip if you wish, or you can comment on the bet slip and say what you would have done differently.

The very best betters are on the Betfect leader board which is easy to view, so it is simple to follow the best tipsters, as well as your friends. It is easy to change the leader board to view the most successful profit margins over the last 60, 30 and 7 days so you can find out who is worth following and who is not. With the Betfect people section, you can create a general discussion about the weekends sporting fixtures and discuss bets to beat the bookies and come out quids in. Betfect also makes it easy to share bet slips on social media, so you can tell your friends about your success.

There is no other website that allows such a close contact with proven bettors and a place where you can see other people’s bets. eToro, which is a similar concept for financial markets, has had tremendous success for smaller players to start making money.

Why not help CFCnet and join the Betting Revolution today and compete with or copy the best tipsters on the web. Also take advantage of the #BetfectCompetition by winning up to a £100 free bet.

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