The continuing arrogance of the board of Chelsea FC is beginning to grate.  Earlier today, Chelsea TV trotted out a plastic piece of PR guff that made the legions of CPO holders want to throw up on their prospectuses.

The club view?  We are disappointed at the result but encouraged by the fact that 62% of CPO shareholders voted yes.  Come again? COME AGAIN?  Like most of the statements issued by the Club over the past three weeks, this one is disingenuous to say the least. 

The fact is that only 27% of shareholders voted yes.  Why? Because 2,000 ‘yes’ votes were bought by Gourlay, Buck and their proxies/patsies in the three weeks leading up to the vote.  Strip away these votes and you are left with just 41% of real Chelsea fans voting ‘yes’.

For the Club to therefore proudly announce that the ‘majority’ voted ‘yes’ is the sort of half-truth, obfuscation and downright disinformation that has become the hallmark of Bruce Buck and Ron Gourlay’s reign at the Club.  Frankly we’re sick of their arrogance and conceit and there is a group of CPO holders who are now actively pursuing their resignation. What sort of dumb idiots do they think we are?

Huge attention is now focusing on CPO’s next step.  The resignation of Richard King in advance of serious legal action that could have possibly led to ‘jail time’ is a welcome development.  It’s probably the only sensible decision King has made over the past 8 years of his CPO tenure.  Richard, may we put on record that you are an absolute disgrace to ordinary Chelsea fans.  Good riddance. 

With Richard King stepping down in order to spend Christmas with his family rather than Her Majesty’s Pleasure, all eyes are on who will replace the Club patsy with an authentic CPO holder.  Early names high on the list of prospects include Clint Steele, Mark Wyeth QC, cfcuk stalwart David Johnstone and CFCnet’s own favourite, David Spring. 

To be honest, the above names are all CPO stalwarts who would do justice to the chairmanship of CPO.  We support every one of them.  However, we hold special affection for David Spring because not only has he attended every CPO AGM since 1993, he also penned a number of important articles including the infamous 27pence to save Stamford Bridge” feature that first brought CFCnet’s attention to Richard King’s treachery in 2008.

Finally, as we pen this article at 6.45pm UK time, we can’t help but notice that the Chelsea TV phone-in has conspicuously avoided any mention whatsoever of the CPO ‘NO’ vote.  The Club really are a complete and utter disgrace.  Shame on them and their squalid PR machine.

Very finally, it is beholden on all authentic Chelsea fans to buy a share in CPO. At £100 a share they represent outstanding value and more than that, a say in how the Club is run.  CPO holders own the name to Chelsea FC, the pitch and the turnstiles. These belong to us, not Roman.

If you’d like a say in the future of YOUR Club, buy a share now.  Simply click here:

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