How Leicester went into the break 1-0 up is anybody’s guess but it was nothing less than daylight robbery. As for the Blues, what is the point of having 80% possession and playing beautifully elaborate football if you can’t stick the ball into the back of the net?

Leicester entered our half only once in the first 45 minutes yet still managed to put the ball between the sticks (with the aid of some calamitous defending). Coming right at the end of the first half it was a hammer blow and our players left the pitch with their heads on the floor.

The second half saw the crowd’s frustration rise as wave after wave of Chelsea attacks foundered on the edge of the penalty area. Leicester sniffed blood, were first to every ball and could have won if Heskey had taken his one-on-one with de Goey.

But, near the end, Zola pinged the ball over for Wise to head home. The last five minutes were frantic but as much as I wanted to write: “Here Weah go” the final goal eluded us and Leicester’s bunch of journeymen scrambled a draw.

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