Chelsea fans needed a boost after the Champions League exit, although reaching the quarter-finals is an achievement to be proud of. A game against our favourite cup final opponents offered a chance to bounce back.

Poyet did not take long to find the net but his early effort was ruled out for offside. He responded by heading home a Dennis Wise corner a few minutes later, although the scoreboard awarded the goal to ‘Boro.

That was soon corrected but the Blues stopped playing and ‘Boro came back into it when Ricard equalised. An electronic premonition by the scoreboard perhaps.

No one even broke into a sweat in the second half. Chelsea’s approach play was patient bordering on comatose. Both sides managed to hit a post though, Ambrosetti followed by Ince.

A quiet crowd only came to life when Zola was taken off and Sutton was left on. Clearly Zola will be playing at Old Trafford on Monday while Sutton will be given the day off. He won’t be missed.

As for today, the fans deserved better. Not a top three performance.

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