0-0, 1-2, 1-2, 2-3, 1-1, 0-1, 1-1, 0-0 and now 1-2. That is about a depressing series of results (dating back to 1992) that you could imagine. That they are just the home results and the opponents in question are Blackburn bloody Rovers just makes it hurt all the more. The Beatles sang about Christ knows how many holes in Blackburn, Lancashire. I would prefer just the one, preferably caused by a thermo nuclear device detonated just above Ewood bloody Park.

Blackburn is a miserable bloody place, but at least we win there once in a while. They have a horrible bloody kit, both home and away. They lack any sort of proper support, making Wimbledon look over run with fans at times. There is Graham ‘I had an arse hole transplant and the arse hole rejected me’ Souness, and in Brad Friedel they have the only keeper in the Premiership who comes close to King Carlo. And he is a bloody American!

Apart from losing – which is obviously very annoying – there are two things that really bugged me from this game. One that we played so poorly, and secondly that we still should have won the bloody game! Today’s paper tells me (well it didn’t actually speak to me but you know what I mean) that we had 11 shots on target which was more than double that mustered by bloody Blackburn. What a way to spoil Francos 300th game. This was probably as poor as we had played in the previous 299.

What can be said about the game that has probably not already been thought a thousand times already. Dwight bloody Yorke scored with 4 minutes left (which heralded a mass exodus – shame on you) and then David bloody Dunn did the same thing a few minutes later. That Jimmy Floyd scored deep into injury time with a really powerful free kick only made the hurt all that much worse. With United slipping up and the Geordies, Gooners and even bloody Everton winning, this was a game that we simply had to pick up three points. That point had clearly not got through to the players as with one or two exceptions (most notably Jody in my view) they all looked to be either out of sorts or totally disinterested.

You might sense from my words that I am a little hurt or angry. I might say to you, too bloody right I am. When you look at the League table today you cannot help but notice that the top three are continuing to pull away from us. That leaves us fighting for fourth spot and the need – if we achieve it – to have some stupid play off game against the likes of Nepal City to qualify for the Champions League proper. That Everton are on the same number of points as us means some questions should be asked. That Charlton Pathetic are just three points behind means there should be a bloody inquest!

It always seems that the next game is the most crucial one of the season. Never has it been more true of next Saturday. The players need to get whatever they had before this match out of their system and do at St James what only dirty Leeds have managed this season. Get three bloody points!

TEAM; Cudicini – Melchiot, Gallas, Terry, Le Saux (Babayaro 18) – Stanic (Zenden 65), Morris, Lampard, Gronkjaer (Zola 45) – Gudjohnsen, Hasselbaink.
Subs Not Used: Evans, De Lucas.

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