Chelsea played Fulham yesterday and came out 2 – 1 victors in the “Postcode Derby”. A good first half this week and a poorer second half mainly due to taking off the Gronk at half time and Duff a little later thus reducing our width.

Gronk started poor today but finished the first half strongly after he swapped flanks with Duff. Jesper continues to frustrate most Chelsea fans as amongst the many errors he does show a flash of brilliance.

Duff had another very good game. I have to say that he’s definitely the best of this season’s additions. The reluctant hero is always dangerous when he runs at defences. I also noticed that his corners are a lot better than we have had previously from various team members.

Parker played well yesterday when he was unleashed at half time. (Is he the guy to get up Viera’s nose?) He was effective in breaking up attacks and closing down the opposition. It’s unfortunate that he’s picking up bookings but that’s the sort of player he is.

Crespo’s not getting the run of the ball at the moment but still looks like scoring where as Jimmy looks like he’s bored half of the time. Watch Crespo closely and he’s a second or two ahead of the other players and constantly looking for any advantage. The most frustrating thing is that he just isn’t getting enough of the ball.

Eidur’s got his knockers but he’s doing the business. Although he did miss another absolute sitter. (Easy for me to day sitting in the Shed Upper.) His goal yesterday was class though considering that Van der Sar is a half decent ‘keeper with a lot of international caps under his belt.

On to Wednesday then. I’m feeling good about this. We’ll have Duff and Crespo back and they will provide the Arsenal some different problems to the last two previous encounters. Gallas is looking like being right back and knows all about Henry.

No matter what you think of Ranieri or his team selections. Wednesday is a time for us as Chelsea fans to forget about whether he’s the right man or not or whether he’s picking the right team or playing the right tactics. It doesn’t look like any one within the club is going to back the guy so it’s up to us to get behind him and the players.

It’s worth remembering our squad has been beaten by Arsenal three times this season so let us show the players that we still believe in them regardless of the previous encounters.

One correspondent summed up the attitude we must adopt on Wednesday with one word, BELIEVE.

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