In twelve days time, we relinquish our crown as Kings of Europe as Borussia Dortmund face our opponents last year and German rivals, Bayern Munich. But 3,445 miles away, The Blues face Manchester City in a post-season friendly. Yes, that’s right – a POST-seasons friendly.

For US based and travelling fans (because travelling to Moscow, Bucharest, Prague, Donetsk and Basel isn’t enough for one season!), the Yankee Stadium has got a special treat in store. Not only will fans be able to see the current European champions and recent Premier League and FA Cup winners. The Stadium is hosting its first ever live viewing of a FOX Sports broadcast – of the Champions League final. It’s been dubbed the first ever “UEFA Champions League Viewing” and is set to be shown on the stadium’s 59ft high and 101ft long screen.

Build up to the final at Wembley will start at 2pm, with kick off at 2:45pm. After the (probable) excitement and drama of the Champions League ends, Chelsea’s fixture against Man City will get under way at 5:30pm.

Are there many (if any) better ways to spend your Saturday afternoon, for a football fan – watching the final of the world’s biggest club competition, followed by the stars of Chelsea and Man City?

Tickets apply to both the Champions League viewing and the match between Chelsea and City. By the way, if the final does go to extra time and penalties, it won’t affect the kick off time. The match will kick off no earlier than 15 minutes after the final.

The encounter between the two Premier League giants will be the third football match to be staged at Yankee Stadium. And Chelsea were involved in the first – over 38,000 fans saw the 1-1 draw between The Blues and Carlo Ancelotti’s PSG side last summer.

You can purchase tickets from the Yankee website:


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