Drawing a blank from five friendly games is not ideal preparation for the 2015/16 Premier League season. But despite their struggles, you’d be hard pressed to find many Chelsea doubters. The Blues swept all before them last season, securing the title at quite the canter. They may not have been particularly explosive in the transfer window so far, but that first eleven will have plenty of backers at the bookies. 7/4 odds of winning the Premier League outright are some of the best around at the present, and there will be plenty of takers.

But are they really worth it? And what of other betting markets? Can Diego Costa top the goalscoring charts?

With the new season now upon us, already the pundits are out in force proclaiming Chelsea as the team to beat this Premier League campaign. They experienced just three losses all of last season (one coming after the title was won), and have a first team to break the tenth commandment over. They even have a donkey, but there’s hope even for Falcao.

Despite their pre-season woes, none can deny that Jose Mourinho and his men have the know how. And although some may find their tactics deplorable, Chelsea have one heck of a backline. Or should I say, first team, as we already mentioned. But that may be where the problems lie.

John Terry and Branislav Ivanovic have not looked particularly sharp in the Blues’ friendly matches, and are both the wrong side of 30. The end is ever so slowly approaching for the pair, and with very little backup available (the decidedly round Kurt Zouma being pushed into every square hole for his side), there may be trouble on the horizon for Mourinho.

A little further upfield, and you’ll find a certain Cesc Fabregas, doing what he does best, and monopolising the top assists award. A whopping 18 to his name last time out, just a few short of his former teammate Thierry Henry’s Premier League record, you’d be a brave man to bet against the Spaniard taking the prize again for the 2015/16 campaign. Although, its sure to be a big season for one Eden Hazard…

Up top, Diego Costa will be a certain frontrunner for the top scorer award. Injury brought a halt to his challenge last season, with Sergio Aguero free to run rampant and scoop up the crown, with Harry Kane bravely chasing shadows. Costa managed 20 goals last season, but his injury record since arriving at Stamford Bridge has been disconcerting. If he can keep fit, however, he will certainly be one of the main challengers to Aguero’s throne. With the supply he’ll get from his team-mates, betting enthusiasts everywhere will be eyeing up those Costa odds.

The former Atletico hitman better be up to the task, for Chelsea fans’ sake, considering that El Donkey and Loic Remy are the backup, and neither player has shown enough to put the Blues faithful at ease. Perhaps we’re being a bit harsh on Falcao, but I’m sure there will be plenty of United fans that would advocate his slating. A measly four goals all season for them, one shot on target in the first three matches of the summer Copa America, and a blank during his first Chelsea pre-season – Fernando, is that you?

But that, really, is the sum total of Chelsea’s worries. A light defence, and some suspect options on the bench. With a first team packed with the likes of Nemanja Matic, Eden Hazard, Willian, and Diego Costa – spun and balanced perfectly by Mister Consistent, Jose Mourinho – you can be sure the Blues will be shooting for all kinds of awards and silverware this season. Just make sure you and your wallet don’t miss out!

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