The Daily Mail’s Rob Draper reported that Chelsea have censored some of Big Phil’s comments concerning the squad’s strength and depth on the official club website.

Apparently Phil told supporters at the latest “Star on the Stool” event that the club must sign players in next month’s transfer window if they want trophies this season.

Scolari said: “I think the board know it, I know it and the fans know it. We need one or two more players to put in the team and if we get them then we are in good condition to win trophies at the end of the season and, if not, there might be problems. If we have two more players in the squad, we will have a good chance.”

Unfortunately I wasn’t at the “Star on the Stool” event so I’m unable to comment. In fact I wasn’t even aware that the event was even taking place such is Chelsea’s reluctance to market any event that may of be of interest to genuine supporters.

I would have thought that the comments were pretty much common knowledge considering the failed attempt to buy Robinho? We obviously needed a player a few months ago and with injuries to key players and Drogba’s lack of match fitness it’s not really rocket science to spot that two decent acquisitions could make a difference.

The Daily Mail says that a club source said ‘Transcripts can be edited for a variety of reasons. In this case it may have created unnecessary and misconstrued media speculation again about the transfer window, a subject the manager was always going to be asked to address in his Press conference on Friday.

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